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Motivational Resources Kick Your Excuses Goodbye BookLooking for some motivational resources to help you in your personal development. This is the right place to start. The Following motivational resources are books, CDs, DVDs, and articles by Rene Godefroy to inspire you to achieve your dreams in life.

Let’s face it, everyday you wake up there are going to be some type of challenges that show up your way. Some say that life is a struggle. Others say that life is a battle. However you see it, you need to arm yourself with the right kind of positive mental attitude to help you win.

We strongly advise you to start with Rene’s award-winning book! It’s the book that is responsible for transforming lives the world over. Over the years, it became almost like a Bible for so many. The letters and emails we get from reader tell us this book is one of the most powerful motivational resources you can own. Don’t take our for it.

Order your copy and you will see for yourself. Yes, in this book you discover a man what symbolizes determination and how a positive mental attitude can change your life for good.

Rene Godefroy was a poor child living in an isolated village on the island of Haiti. He daringly fought poverty and diseases to rise to fame in United States of America. When we say this is one of the best motivational resources you can have at your disposal, we really mean it.

The ideas and strategies in this book can unlock the vault and success for you. Just apply the positive messages and step-by-step ways Rene shares with you and in no time your life will take another direction.

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