How To Get A Promotion And Pay Raise At Work

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Promotion and Pay Raise At Work

Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

Would you like to discover how to get a promotion at work? Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a dead-end position? Are you one of those employees who watch others zoom to the top of your company who are not as qualified as you are? Better yet, are you the one training those people?

That’s not a good feeling, is it? When was the last time you got a good promotion or a significant raise that actually put a smile on your face?

As I travel all over North America to deliver keynote speeches, I get to meet a lot people who tell me how they are stuck in dead-end positions. They feel miserable and frustrated. Eventually, they start walking around with an attitude that communicates that they don’t care.

They show up to work to do just enough but they are not really present in the workplace. They are not being productive. As you can guess, sooner or later they will get fired. When that happens, they will blame their company or their boss for it.  But, here’s the real truth about this:

Every employee in the workplace is 100% responsible for his or her promotion.

The reality is, your boss or your company will not go out of their way to give you a promotion or a raise. You have to prove to them that you are worthy of a promotion. You have to do the things that trigger or merit promotions. In a moment, I will reveal to you exactly how to do so. 

I want to share a strange secret with you. I believe this secret can enable you to literally force your company or boss to give you the promotion you deserve. In fact, the moment you fully understand what you will learn here, you’ll be able to double or even triple your income in a short period of time. But, before I proceed, I want to point out something of vital importance to you.

People Don’t Get Fired. They Fire Themselves.

You see, it takes a lot of work in order to get fired. For example, you have to choose to be consistently late, fight change, refuse to cooperate with your boss, perform poorly, and even ignore the warnings. Simply stated, getting fired is an event. Every event is preceded by a process. Negative  behaviors and attitudes in the workplace are usually the process that leads to being fired.

It’s very important that you get what I just said. Here’s why: The strange secret I’m about to reveal to you will not work if you are playing the  victim in the workplace. You have to accept total responsibility for your current condition and position in your company. You have to know that you are in control of your future with the company. Here’s something else I’d like for you to consider:

Promotions And Raises Don’t Reside Inside Your Comfort Zone!

Let me put it another way for you. You’ll never be able to get what you really want inside your comfort zone. You need to step out of it. Why? Because the secret you are about to learn never works inside your comfort zone. Come to think of it, if it did, it would not be a secret worth sharing. Or, everyone would be at the top, right?

Look, I tell the world that I’m the Leading Authority on possibility discovery. However, I cannot help you discover what’s possible for you in the workplace unless you are ready and willing to do something that is not comfortable. Stated correctly, I need your permission to help you succeed in the workplace.

Now, why am I calling this a strange secret? Well, it’s because most people know it but few take advantage of it.  Let’s face it, if a thing is obvious and you are not making use of it, it’s a secret to you, isn’t it? In fact, let’s call what I want to share with you a wealth attraction secret.

By the way, just so you know, I didn’t dream of this or cook it up in the oven of my mind last night. It’s something that I have been using over and over to get whatever I want in life. If you use and apply it, you too will get whatever you want in life.

Let me quickly share with you an example of how I doubled my salary in less than a month using the exact principle you will learn here.

Taking Care Of Mr. Arnovitz

I was 26 years old when I met Mr. Arnovitz. He was a wealthy man. He had terminal cancer. He was in so much pain that he was often irritated. As a result, it was hard for him to get along with his caretakers. They just didn’t understand what the man was going through. So, every week, the agency would fire and hire a different caretaker.

One day, I met Marcia—the owner of the agency who was providing the caretakers for Mr. Arnovitz. Marcia gave me a crash course on being a caretaker. Two days later, I was on my way to take care of Mr. Arnovitz.

Marcia told me that there was a BIG problem. She said to me, “This is not an easy job, Rene. Every week, I have to send a different caretaker for Mr. Arnovitz. The caretakers are impatient. They don’t understand that the man is in terrible pain.”

I assured Marcia that I could solve the problem for her. I told her that I had never been fired from a job before. I was confident that this would not be the exception.

Sure enough, Mr. Arnovitz and I became buddies. He started bragging about me with his friends and family members. He finally found the person that understood and could connect with him.

For five days a week I lived with Mr. Arnovitz. On weekends, I went home. Marcia would send somebody to replace me. Well, Mr. Arnovitz didn’t like that at all. He could not get along with them. Marcia decided to hire a Haitian caretaker to replace me on weekends. That didn’t work out either.

One Sunday, I came back to work from my weekend off. Mr. Arnovitz told me he needed to talk to me. As we were sitting at the table, I looked at his face and noticed he was worried. And, I was right. He was frustrated and fed up.

He told me he didn’t want to deal anymore with so many strangers coming in and out of his life. Before I said anything, Mr. Arnovitz made a very enticing offer to me.

He said, “I know the agency pays you. But, I’m willing to double your pay if you agree to stay with on weekends as well.” He continued, “Don’t worry. This is our deal.”

His last sentence kind of threw me off as I was new in the US. I only knew a few English words just enough to get by. Mr. Arnovitz said to me…

“I Will Pay You Under The Table.”

I thought to myself, “That doesn’t sound like Mr. Arnovitz. Did they give him his medication today?” Then he explained to me what “under the table” meant. It sounded great to me. I accepted his offer.

In fact, Marcia, was okay with the arrangement. She was more interested in making sure Mr. Arnovitz was happy so that she could get more business for her agency from the same family in the future.

For seven days a week, I took excellent care of Mr. Arnovitz. We really bonded. We had many conversations about life and success. In a way, he was my teacher for that period of time.

Eventually, he ended in the hospital and never came back home. I continued to take excellent care of him  at the hospital for several weeks. I was the only one standing by his bedside at his final hour. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning. I stood there holding his hand to let him know that I was standing with him all the way to the end.

I felt his throbbing pains. I watched his spirit struggling to leave his body. I stared at him and silently begged his spirit to grant him a few more days. But, alas, my plea was in vain.

At the final moment when he took his last breath, he clinched my hand firmly and stared at me as if he wanted to say something. It was as if he wanted to say, “Goodbye my friend. Thank you”. Within a few seconds, his hand became limp and cold. My new-found friend was passed on to another world.

It’s always difficult for me to tell this story. But, I share it with you because there’s something in it for you.  That something is what can open the way for you so that you never have to be stuck in a dead-end position.

It’s the way you can make sure you are never denied a promotion. It’s also how you can connect at a deeper level with another human being so that you can make an impact. That brings me to the strange secret I promised to share with you. Here it is:

Always Do More Than What Is Expected Of You!

Promotion in the workplace

No matter where you are and what you are doing, always go an extra mile. That’s what inspired Mr. Arnovitz to double my pay in less than a month. That’s why we bonded. That’s why we became buddies in a short time and why he was irritated with the other caretakers.

I went above and beyond the call of duty each time without being told what to do. I did for Mr. Arnovitz what no other caretaker in the world would do for him. I bet you they said something like, “It’s not my job”.

That’s my STRANGE SECRET. That’s how you can double or even triple your salary. That’s how you can get promoted fast.

Most People Do Just Enough So They Don’t Get Fired.

When you do more than what you are being paid for, you automatically belong to a new and different category. I’m talking about the top 2%. You become a valuable player on your team. You become indispensable.

You may be saying, “Gosh, Rene, you just don’t know. I’ve been doing more than I’m being paid for, but, they don’t care.” Sure. I get that. Let me ask you this: For how long have you been doing more than you are being paid for?

It took me less than one month. For you, it may be two months, six months, one year, or even two years. It’s just like planting seeds. You have to be patient. You don’t do a bunch of things then expect  your boss to give you a raise or promotion right away. It would be nice. But, don’t bet on it.

What I’m essentially saying here is that you have to be consistent and patient. It takes time. You have to show up and be ready to deliver beyond expectations for a period of time before they start noticing you.

I’ve seen people come to a company and in a short period of time, they start demanding a raise or a promotion. For whatever reason, they feel that they are entitled to it.

In some cases, they even get jealous because others are making more money than they are. Here’s a nugget of wisdom for you:

Promotions Or Raises Are Not Given. They Are Earned.

You see, success is not an elevator. It is a flight of stairs. To get to the top, you have to take one step at a time. As I said before, a promotion is an event that precedes a process. Let me repeat the strange secret for you again. Embrace it and make it a new habit.

ALWAYS do more than what you’re being paid for. Always do more than what is expected of you. Always go an extra mile.

Without this one simple HABIT, your financial struggles NEVER end. Promotions and raises will skip you to go to the next person who has the habit of delivering more than what is expected.

No one notices you when you are doing just your job. No one notices you when you are working your eight-hour shift. That’s what is expected of you!

You get noticed when you stay past your shift to help your team finish a project on time. It’s when you show up early or  volunteer to work on your day off. You have to go out of your way to do things that are unexpected and unusual.

By the way, the story I shared with you about Mr. Arnovitz is only one of the many stories along my journey through life. When I was quitting my last job as a doorman at the hotel in Atlanta, I submitted my resignation letter. I was getting more and more offers to be a keynote speaker at conferences. It was time for me to go full time. However, my immediate boss and the other managers above him refused to accept my letter of resignation.

They basically told me to make my own schedule and come to work when it was convenient for me. Some people tell me I was lucky that my company would allow me to pursue my dream while working there. No. I wasn’t lucky.

Maybe I should say that my luck was due to the fact that I consistently did more than I was being paid for at the hotel. I would stay late and come in early when they needed me. I was the kind of employee that never said

“It’s Not My Job. It’s Not My Department”.

Now, I’m not saying every company would allow you to pursue your dream while working for them. But, I’m saying if you embrace the attitude of always doing more than you’re being paid for, you’ll be rewarded one way or the other.

By the way, let me warn you. Once you start living the habit of doing more than what is expected of you, it’s very likely that those who do just enough in order not to get fired may resent you. You might even be the subject of criticism. Rest assured that idle co-workers tend to behave that way. It’s okay.

You don’t want to join their ranks nor seek their approval. Work is not a popularity contest. It’s the place you go so you can put food on your table and take care of your family.

There you have it.

I just handed the key to the vault where raises and promotions await. If you are an entrepreneur, you can use it to explode your business. You only need to figure out what your customers expect and exceed their expectations.

Habits are formed with conscious repetition. The habit of always doing more than what is expected of you will explode your career and put money in your bank account! That is how to get a promotion at work. Now, it’s time for you to start over delivering. Congratulations on your future promotions and raises.

I can’t wait to read your comment or questions regarding this post on how to get a promotion at work!


  1. Craig Palma

    There is no such thing as a dead end job, because with every job you gain knowledge and experience, is a job a career? No, but you have to understand the difference.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Excellent point Craig! It’s what you are getting that makes the difference. It’s who you are becoming in the process.

  2. Abdul Raheem

    Wonderful and thought-provoking article. No messing around, straight on the money and very inspiring and motivating.

    My mentor always told me this secret “Do more than what you are paid for” and I did apply this and I have seen success in my workplace.

    Now its time for me to share this article with others.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    • Rene Godefroy

      Indeed, if you do more than you are being paid for, you never have to worry about losing or getting a job. Employers, more than ever, are looking for people who deliver more than what is expected of them. The competition is really tough in the job market. One has to do more than before. This is a very simple concept.

  3. Bernard

    Excellent blog, Rene. I loved how you have been able to wrap the concept around your own story. I believe that to be able to live a life of excellence, we should be willing to go the extra mile. Doing more than what is expected from us is critical for us to become not only visible to others but also to develop ourselves personnally and to raise our own standards. Unfortunately, this concept has been missing in many people’s life who think that being average is enough. I came accross this principle when I listened to your demo video on youtube. Sometimes later, I had a great understanding of it in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” where Andrew Carnegie was making it his duty to explain it to young Napoleon Hill. Nido Qubain said in one of his videos that people who immigrate in the US are 4 times more likely to succeed than “local” Americans. I believe this statistics has something to do with the concept of willing to go the extra mile. I got your message, Rene.My website is still under construction.I will apply the principle and give you feedback. Thank you for continuously educating us.

  4. Vetriselvan

    Great my friend!!! I just quit the habit of delivering more than I am being paid for unknowingly. Now it’s time for me to start this again and main thing is with the reason in mind….thanks a lot for waking me up!!!

  5. Challa SSJ Ram Phani

    Excellent motivational piece Rene! Thanks for sharing! Definitely, this will help improve my business and clients list. I always struggle to know, why every business contact or assignment is like one night stand?! Many do not bother for long associations! Every time we have to search for new clients in different segments! I really wonder why one cannot have long business associations! Is it my performance or their problem to continue with the same service provider?

  6. daisy

    Daisy mphahlele
    South Africa
    excellent, Rene its a secret i thank God that he reveal to you to encourage us to go beyond and work hard to earn . For even the word of God says whatever your hands find work to do , do it 100 percent.
    I have been working in a position for more than 4 years but doing what was expected from me but not going beyond,I will go beyond and share my story

    Promotions Or Raises Are Not Given. They Are Earned.


    Rene, I really bless God for life. You’ve been a source of encouragement to me. Whenever I read any of your articles, it build(s) up my self-confidence, and gives me more insight about life.
    I don’t really know what else to say; am short of words. But all I can say for now is that;
    Not a village hero!

  8. Gasnel

    i learn a lot from you Rene you help me see life in a different way now i can really kick my excuses goodbye.

  9. Raoul

    Rene my brother I came across to know you very late by watching your demo video, all I can say is the word THANK YOU for the encouragement. My biggest problem was FEAR, excuses etc as right now they are BURIED and I am going to apply ur secret and pushing myself back to school for I can accomplish the dream I had for a long time which to become a Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT), reason why cause of that FEAR always hold me back, again as now I am feel release, your stories, experience in life gives me self-confidence. May God bless you my brother for your good work … ( I always say and complaining I don’t speak very well English, I believed it was an excuse).


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