Happy New Year! Yes! No matter how far we are into the year, I still want to say Happy New Year. The last one was really challenging. I want you to make this one a really NEW year for you. In fact, I’m declaring it as this year as the year of reinvention and reengineering. I encourage you to make it that way for you every year from now on. Let me tell you why…

Albert Einstein said something like this, “The significant problems you are facing today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which you created them.” Simply put, whatever boat carried to this situation cannot take you out of it. Let me put this way for you. It’s time to reinvent your life. It’s time to reinvent your business.

You cannot make it in this economy with your current level of thinking. You need to rethink your life or business. How do you do so? The answer is simple… new knowledge. Make it a goal to acquire new and fresh skills this year. Prepare yourself to make more money, get a promotion, and be more marketable in this new economy. Do you follow?

I don’t know where you are in your journey. I don’t know what pieces of the puzzle you are missing. Whatever it is for you, go get it! Maybe you need to master the art of selling, customer service, time management, or you just need to learn communicate with confidence. Maybe it’s the new system in your workplace you need to master in order to provide better support to your customers. Go for it!

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Companies are forced to reinvent and reengineer their business processes. They have new and different problems. Your job should be to find out what those problems are.

Then go get the necessary skills that can solve them. That’s how you achieve lifetime employability. That’s how you will become indispensable in the workplace, all right? If you are an entrepreneur, it’s the same for you.

Listen, if I didn’t follow the advice I’m giving you here, I would still be a janitor at 163rd Mall in Miami mopping floors. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those that are doing it. There are some that are just fine with it. But, it’s not me. I deserve better in life. That’s why I had to reinvent myself.

Who I was as a broke immigrant unable to speak English was not enough. I needed to become a different kind of person that truly deserves more. So, go ahead decide what you need to master or who do you have to become. Go after it.

In most cases your company already has all the trainings and resources you need. Take advantage of them. Start reinventing yourself now. And make this a great year for you… by choice.

Press on!