Infographics: Promotion In The Work

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In order to climb to the top of your company, you must strategically plan for it. The reality is, your company is not responsible for grooming you. It’s your job. Here is a visual outline on exactly what you need to do to deserve a promotion or pay raise. Feel free to pass this around to your friends and family members.

Promotion In The Workplace – An infographic by the team at Village Hero, Inc.

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  1. Vetriselvan

    Wonderful!!! Great tips to everyone who wants to be on top!!!
    It will help me a lot…Thanks a lot to my friend Mr.Rene

      • Pastor Raymond Charlot

        Hi Rene,
        Very strong key to successes keep it up God Bless.

  2. Gilbert Nsamba

    Hi Rene,

    Very up-building article. Food at the right time for us aspiring for top positions. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dineo

    Hi Mr godefroy.

    Thank you sir, this is xctly what i needed……it is very uplifting and i now see things differently.
    Thank you.

  4. D G Sibiya


    I truly enjoyed these tips,infact I intend applying them in my situation.Thank a lot Rene

  5. shivananda reddy K

    Hi Rene,
    Thanks a lot .this wil help me a lot.keep going…..

  6. Prachi Kelkar

    Good one Rene! Thanks! You are creative with visuals 🙂


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