Meet The Man Who Will Energize Your Crowd

He was so frail and sick, many of his fellow villagers wrote him off. But Rene was unstoppable. He refused to give up. At the age of 21, he arrived in the United States with just five dollars, two shirts and one pair of pants housed in a tattered briefcase.

The tallest mountain he had to climb in the US was learning how to speak English. It was his biggest frustration. But Rene conquered that mountain one word at a time. Every day, he would write three words on his hand. Then, he would review his words at the end of the week.

Where many would see nothing but overwhelming odds stacked against them, he saw an abundance of opportunity and a chance to pursue the American Dream. However, the journey to that dream was a LONG shot.
His message is simple: No Condition Is Permanent! Stay hungry. Stay focused.

Provided major companies like AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Charles Schwab with winning ideas to impact their bottom line.
Received national publicity on CBS’s 60 Minutes along with Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, and Anthony Robbins. He has also appeared on The Glenn Beck Show, Power Minute Syndication and Selling Power Audio Magazine.

The City of Smyrna dedicated an entire day to him, and Fort Lauderdale’s mayor presented him with the key to the city.

Spotlighted in feature articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Miami Times, Fort Lauderdale’s Sun-Sentinel and in other print and radio media around the country.

Authored the hot-selling inspirational book, “No Condition is Permanent!” which advises people to relentlessly pursue personal growth and take the actions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Established Chief Executive Officer of Village Hero, Inc., a philanthropic, Atlanta-based company dedicated to raising money to help children in his native village and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Rene has begun organizing a medical clinic in Haiti and also plans to help start a school there.

Partial List Of Clients That Invited Motivational Speaker Rene Godefroy

  • US Military: Keynote Address on Professional Development
  • Albany State University: Presentation for the Award Ceremony
  • Aflac: Keynote presentation for their senior-level managers
  • AT&T: Keynote Address for the Annual Managers’ Conference
  • Bell South: Keynote Address for the Diversity Group within the company
  • Charles Schwab: Keynote Address for Staff Development
  • Coca-Cola: Keynote Presentation for Mentors/Mentees Program
  • Cox Enterprise, Inc.: Presentation for the Diversity Networking Dinner
  • Marriott International: Keynote Address for a Grand Opening Kickoff
  • Napoleon Hill Foundation: Keynote Address for an Open House Kickoff
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Metro PCS

Godefroy has a passion for empowering others to be the best at whatever they do. His personal story of struggle, grit, and perseverance exemplifies what it takes to embrace change and triumph over our challenges.

Born in a tiny and isolated village on the island of Haiti, Rene was an impoverished child tormented by extended illness. Abandoned by his father and left behind while his mother sought work in Port-Au-Prince, he survived primarily on breadfruits.

But Rene knew hard work, focus, and unwavering commitment would give him the edge to rise to fame and success in the US. In the first few years, Rene worked as a janitor and a factory laborer in Miami while he was learning English. Later, he made his way to Atlanta, Georgia.

It was there he landed a job working as a doorman in the upscale Renaissance Waverly Hotel. As a doorman, he learned how to model success. He would purchase the same book titles he spotted on the back seat of the cars he was parking at the hotel.

It was also how Rene discovered how to dress for success by observing the businessmen that came to the hotel. Today, Rene is living the American Dream! As a highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker, he is opening doors of possibilities for his audiences.