how do i become a motivational speaker

How Do I Become a Motivational Speaker

Everyday we get this question from people all over the world: How I become a motivational? A simple answer is, it’s very easy!

how i become a motivational speaker

Finally, Rene has decided to answer that question.

You may have seen him on CBS 60 Minutes. Rene Godefroy is a recognized expert in the area of performance and change management. If you are looking for someone to create an attitude shift and lasting change in your workplace, he is definitely one of your best options.

Imagine being the hero or shero of your meeting! Yes! When you book Rene Godefroy, your meeting attendees will thank you for your excellent choice. We have tons of references to back up our claim. In fact, we will go even further to guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.

Rene really knows how to connect with audiences at any level. If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your meeting, look no further. When you book Rene, you get a nationally-known motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry. Meeting planners always rave about Rene.

Motivational keynote speakers and professional speakers are many, but a speaker that connects heart and soul with content, style and humor are rare. In fact, many will make such claims. But take a close look at their records. Can they provide names of meeting planners from top corporation as references?

Well, we are ready to give as many references as you might need. Simply put, Rene is one of the few who practices platform excellence. Once you book him, you will know that you are working with a true professional keynote motivational speaker.

Whether you are having your annual banquet, company annual kick off, employee rallies or a departmental meeting, Rene will tailor a presentation that communicates your message and vision to the attendees.

A New and Refreshing Story For Your Audience

Born poverty-stricken, sickly, and then abandoned in a small Haitian village, Rene knew even then that in order to succeed in life one must always go an extra mile. His ability to cope with change and reinvent himself is truly amazing. At the age of 21, Rene entered the US with only $5 and unable to speak English. There were many challenges but not being able to speak the language was his greatest obstacle.

For many, starting from nothing without any resources and connections as an immigrant would be a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. But instead, Rene continued to rely on the survival instincts he has acquired in his tiny and impoverished Haitian village.

He began to use a highly-creative process to reinvent his life. As a result, he has elevated himself to the pinnacle of the American Dream and became a highly-successful motivational speaker in America. More information is available here: Performance and Change