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Poor & sick village boy turned CEO and a phenomenal success in America shares why persistence is the key to being a highly successful sales person
“Turn Your Sales Force Into Sales Tigers… Motivate Them to Stay In Front of Their Prospects and Increase Sales “


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“Look at Rene as a lifelong lesson of persistence and determination, of attitude and work ethic, of self-belief and personal dedication to excellence. …don’t you think for one moment that this young man has not inspired me and thousands of others who have had the privilege of listening to his eloquently told story.”
– Jeffrey Gitomer,Best-selling author of
The Little Red Book of Selling
Jeffrey interviews Rene Godefroy for Selling
Power Audio Magazine



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Rene Godefroy fires up sales forces, and inspires them to step out and make it happen. Discover how a once poor and desperate child in a tiny and impoverished Haitian village rose to greatness with sheer determination. If he can do it, everyone on your sales teams can do it, too. Rene will help you create a memorable events your attendees will always remember. This is beyond motivation… It’s also transformational. Contact Us

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Sales Motivational Speaker Rene Godefroy is ready to help you team kick their excuses goodbye and exploit the opportunities that are available to them. When you read what Jeffrey Gitomer, the sales guru, wrote in the foreword of Rene’s book, you immediately discover without a doubt that this man can transform your team from good to extraordinary. There so many people out there who motivates. But as you might know, motivation is like caffeine. It doesn’t last long. If you want someone who can connect heart and soul with your team and challenge them to go for it, Rene is your choice. Of course there are many speakers out there. But if you need a speaker who will captivate, interact and hold your audience spellbound, there aren’t too many of them.With so many speakers on the speaking circuit, how do you know which one to pick? Our advice to you is go with the proven. Book someone with platform experience.

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