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Pastor Parsley And Christian Speaker Rene Godefroy

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“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”Isaiah40:31

Christian speaker Rene Godefroy is definitely the right inspirational presenter for your church event. Whether you are having a men or women’s retreat, a Christian conference, a pastor’s appreciation dinner, or you just need a born-again Christian for your company’s function, Rene Godefroy is definitely the right choice for you. He’ll bring a breath of fresh air to your event.

Once you witness this powerful, moving and life-transforming testimony, you will double your commitment to do good and serve the Lord with all your heart.

Is Rene Godefroy really a born again Christian Speaker?

The answer is YES. Mr. Godefroy is absolutely a Christian man. And it is obvious whether he is speaking to a Christian group or a corporate group. After all, who you are and what you believe in will always find a way to express itself through you in one form or another. Very often people from his corporate audience would tell Mr. Godefroy that he must be a Christian man.

Has he spoken for any faith-based organizations before?

Yes. One that comes to mind among many is the wonderful organization- Family Health Ministries. They are an operation out of Duke University in North Carolina that does an extensive amount of missionary work.

They are a fantastic group of people that are definitely doing God’s work. I would love for you to take a moment to visit their web site: You may also feel free to call the husband/wife team that runs the organization. It’s amazing how people would put their lives on hold and dedicate their time to help those who are really in need. That is why we really admire the work of Cathy and David.

Doctor David Walmer, one of the best gynecologists in the world,is the founder and the Executive Director. I’m sure heor his wife Kathy would be happy to speak with you regarding Mr. Godefroy’s presentation.

They, too, were looking for a Christian and were so pleased to find that Mr. Godefroy was from Haiti as well. Since their primary focus in on the country of Haiti, this was an added plus for them.

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