Christian Motivational Speaker

Christian Motivational Speaker

Christian Motivational Speaker Rene Godefroy Share His Testimony With Millions of Viewers On Pastor Rod Parsley Breakthrough Show

You may have seen him On CBS 60 Minutes. Rene Godefroy fires up Christians, and inspires them to double their commitment to serve the Lord. Discover how God raised a once poor and desperate child in a tiny and impoverished Haitian village to testify his greatness.

This year make your church event one of the most successful events ever. Rene will help you create a memorable events your attendees will always remember. This is beyond motivation… It’s also transformational.

Is Rene Godefroy really a Christian Motivational Speaker? Click on this link to find out the answer to that question.

As a Christian motivational speaker, Rene Godefroy will definitely inspire your church congregation to strengthen their faith and believe in the power of miracles.

Hear how God raised a sickly and impoverished child from a tiny village in Haiti to become of the most inspiring motivational speakers in America. Thousands have already been impacted by this message. Now it’s your turn.

It’s no coincidence you have arrived at this page. Yes, you are probably looking for a Christian motivational speaker. But God has a way to bringing people together. With Jesus, there’s a reason for everything.

Should you decide to book Rene, the reason will become clear to you after you hear his testimony. There’s no doubt that Rene will captivate, interact and hold your audience spellbound.

If you need a Christian motivational speaker who truly loves the Lord and share His greatness with others, you definitely need to consider contacting book Rene for your church events.

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Discover why Rene is would be a great choice for you.

Christian Motivational Speaker


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