Black Motivational Speaker

This black motivational speaker will inspire your team to embrace change and achieve the success they deserve. Rene Godefroy came to America from a tiny impoverished village in Haiti with two shirts, one pair of pants and only $5 dollars in his pocket and unable to speak English.

He went to achieve stunning success in the US. Now, he is one of most requested African American motivational speakers in the world Rene is an award-winning author and a successful businessman living the American Dream. You may have seen him on CBS 60 Minutes.

Watch the demo video below and see Rene live in action… You will agree that he should be your choice.


If you are looking for a black motivational speaker or African America motivational speaker for your event this year, Rene Godefroy should definitely be your number one choice. Maybe you are in the process of looking for a black motivational speaker for black history month.

Rene can connect and identity with African Americans unlike most speakers. During black history and particularly during Martin Luther King’s birthday, demands for African American speakers are really high.

Well, Rene is absolutely the black motivational speaker you want to consider if you are in a search mode. He will make your audience laugh, think, and more importantly they will take away powerful strategies and ideas they can use to achieve outstanding results in their lives.

Perhaps when you think of black motivational speakers, you think of Les Brown, Maya Angelou, Colin Powell, or Susan Taylor. But, did you know Rene Godefroy has been quietly changing lives for black people the world over?

Before you make a final decision to book your speaker, please read Rene’s bio here ==>  Black Motivational Speaker

You will agree that choosing Rene is an excellent choice!