Your Will Power Is Not It

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I’d like to share with you why you should NOT rely on your will power to help you achieve your dreams. Instead, you should rely on what I’m about to reveal to you.

I know things are tough theses days. There are many people who are not happy at with their current situation. So, if you’re Not happy with the way things are for you, this may be what you need right now. Even if you are happy, you still need to hear this. It’s that important.

Okay, let’s see if you can help me finish this sentence, “where there’s a WILL there’s a way”, right? But, it’s not really accurate. Do you think will power alone can get you what you want out of life? No! That’s what I believed for a longtime.

Let me tell you this; will power has nothing to do with it. In fact, when you apply what I’m about to share with you, you don’t have to find will power. It will find you.

Before you start doubting me, I want to prove to you that will power is kind of like a myth. I say  a myth because most people don’t really understand it. Let’s see why I think will power is not what you need the most to get what you want.

Years ago, I met a guy by the name of Bill who was a heavy smoker. As a result, he had Emphysema. He carried a tank full of oxygen to help him breathe. His doctor gave him one year to live. And guess what? Bill was still smoking.

He’s what he told me, “It’s been twenty years since I have trying to quit smoking. I just can’t.” He then pointed a lighted cigarette at me and said, “This is a small thing. I’m a big man. But it’s been controlling my life.”

Shortly after I met Bill, he died. Now, it’s obvious Bill had a lot of will power. He was willing. He tried. But, he couldn’t.

There are so many people with habits that are destroying them. They have will power. They really want to quit. But they can’t. That is proof will power is NOT the answer.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to quit doing something. You’re probably using a lot of will power. But it’s not working out. As soon as you start making headway, you get right bad to the old habit.

Listen, you can’t force something with will power. It’s like trying to remember somebody’s name in a conversation. The more you try, the more you forget. Then a few minutes later after you walk away. Bam! You remember, right? That’s my point.

Really, how long have you been trying to succeed with a lot of will power? How is that working for you? Okay, you may be saying, “if will power isn’t it, what is it?” I’m glad you ask.

The answer is one word: Imagination. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Let me put it this way: It’s not what you know. It’s what you vividly imagine & visualize.

Some people refer to imagination as your subconscious mind. I agree. You see, your conscious mind cannot allow you to live the dream before you achieve it. It takes the work of your imagination.

All the will power in the world cannot help you realize your dream until you can vividly imagine it, see it, and feel it.

Now most people use their imagination in reverse. They imagine it’s not possible. They live their fears instead of their dreams. Anything that is imagined consistently is guaranteed to come to pass. And that includes your fears. Let me wrap this up with a quick story.

Walt Disney never got to see the grand opening of his amusement park, Disney World. He passed away.

On the day they were cutting the ribbon, a friend of the family went to Walt’s brother, Roy, and told him, “Wow! It’s too bad Walt is not here to see this.” Roy said, “It’s not too bad. We can see it today because my brother saw it before it was built.”

Question for you: How much do you imagine that which you want? Can you vividly see, feel, and touch it? If you can’t, it’s an impossible dream.

The journey to success cannot lead you to a place you’ve not seen in your imagination first. The more you use your imagination, the faster you can achiever your dreams!

Later, I will share with you some powerful ideas to help you use your imagination in a way that serves you extremely well.

For now, I dare you to truly visualize and imagine that which you want. It works!

Remember this: Change is a gift and attitude is a choice!

Press on!


  1. MYRKA


    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Myrka, I don’t have anything on my schedule for Boston right now. I will definitely let you know when I do. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Mohit Arora

    First of all, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with rest of the world. I am glad to tell you that I agree with your aforesaid lines involving will power and imagination. I would like to support you comments by comparing it with a runner.
    Just like you mentioned, for a runner, Will Power is something that energises him to facilitate him achieving his target but if he is not able to imagine his target or we can it in a better way that he is not able to see him right there, it might be difficult for him to achieve the same. Or we can say he may not get that much motivation as he would get when he has both the WILL POWER and IMAGINATION.
    To add on, if I want to see myself right there at the top, having the will power, the want, to be there will not suffice; but I should also be able to imagine how it feels to be there right at the top.
    That’s all from my side, hoping to get further knowledgeable thoughts from your side.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Well put Mohit. Thanks for chiming in. Let’s what others have to say.

  3. Gail

    Bless you. This was very inspiring!


    i think this video helper me to imagine my life now i can feel a full power to finish my course and be what i want to be thank you so much

  5. Vic Domines

    Great job Rene, I have forwarded this to many!
    Hope to see you sonnm at another conference!

  6. Anna

    Wow! your’re the most convincing speaker I’ve ever listened to!
    I’m so proud to see some of us are being capable of showing the other side of our country, Haiti!

    May God keep on blessing you!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Many thanks Anna! You are awesome! Great to have in my inner circle.

  7. George

    Hey Rene,

    Great info, I agree whole heartedly, what seems to be common sense is usually the opposite for most of us and this is a classic case. thanks


    This video is like a miracle in my life. I struggle for more than 3 years and I was on a point to give up. Rene, believe it or not… this video rebuilt me and empower me. for now, I start using my imagination and focus more on success.

    thanks a lot.

  9. Abhishek Jain

    Hi Rene,
    I just saw your video.
    Its impressive.
    I also agree with you that will power alone can’t help you achieve the things in life.
    Its how you control your emotions & instincts and use them in a co-ordinated way so as to achieve what you desire in life.

    Abhishek Jain

  10. Divya

    Excellent video! Couldn’t agree more with you on will power and imagination! Thanks for sharing this with me.

  11. Gernot

    Immagination is a good point, but not the key to success. Why? Because if you always life in your dream there is no motivation to get there. You should make the efforts to your goals beeing the dream! The harder or tougher the way is the more I’m satisfied, because I know wherever I want to go (and I don’t even need to know where I’m going when I do the right things) the result is much better than I expected. There is an Indian myth saying the same such as: “Don’t look where you are going just do your duty.” This is very useful, because every homeless has his visions of being rich (very detailed), but he hates the way to become rich!

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thanks for joining the conversation Gernot. I got your point. Let’s see what others have to say about it. Continued success! Press on!

  12. Jennette Spencer

    Excellent presentation on how to use the imaginations Which I tend to use more in my life changes I need to make in my life. Thank for the information on what I need to use more of my imaginations to suceed in my dreams for my life.

  13. Matthew Diggins

    I have to admit, I’ve heard about the power of the sub-conscious before, but you put it in a way that made it very real. Good job.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Glad I can share some ideas. I’m glad you are participating in this conversation.

  14. Ben

    Rene you have inspired me alot with this video.Iam looking forward to your next one. I can not vividly imagine any thing, infact ihave tried and failed.

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are welcome Ben. Keep trying! That’s the key. Never, ever give up. The moment you fall, get up and try again!

  15. Bridget

    Rene i never thought of imagination that way.I quite agree with you.I will apply this to any challenging situation i find myself in the future.Thanks,hope to hear from you soon.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Excellent Bridget. I look forward to sharing more ideas that can help you be more and achieve more in life. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  16. Jim

    Great video, Rene! Yes, without a vision of what we want to become, our dreams will perish with us. I think of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament….he had a dream, and it stayed with him. He meditated on it, and imagined it until it came to pass. Great work! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Awesome Jim! That’s a perfect illustration. I can always count on your to bring meaning to the conversation.

  17. Guirlene Jean Jacques

    Hello Rene that was very inpiring

  18. ann-marie

    your concept is interesting is it similar to positive thinking. i have been trying to use positive thinking, but it is sometimes difficult

  19. ravi

    wonderful rene,you showed a great video to all of us.This video show me what i am missing now to achieve my goal.thank you so much rene


    That one was really touching my heart and inspiring my soul.May God bless You Rene

  21. Sandra

    Thank you, Rene, for articulating this concept in a new, fresh, and easily understood way that has me inspired and ready to immediately imagine!

  22. Francis

    Wow! the power of imagination. I have a lot about imagination but this one is very touching and i like it. Personally I am going to employ it to see what the outcome will be in my life, then I can talk much about it.

  23. Sharyn

    Wow! Rene thank you so much for the video. It is practical and appliable. Can’t wait to see more!

  24. saba hussain

    really very impressive and true.i tnink this is only the power of our imagination which generate a conscience/a driven force/or a will to make it(imagination) true.


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