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A lot has been happening. So, I’m going to randomly fill you in on what’s up. Not that I know you care to read this long post. But, I consider you a friend. And friends do want to hear from each other, right? Anyway, here are some of the questions I’ve been getting.


The reason you don’t hear much from me is because I’m using Twitter and Facebook more and more to communicate. Join Facebook, search for Rene Godefroy there, and make me your friend so that we can stay in touch. In fact, just follow these links to find me.
Facebook: http://profile.to/renegodefroy/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/renegodefroy

I know you are probably on Facebook or Twitter already. If you are not, stop resisting technology or you’ll soon become irrelevant and unemployable. Period. And I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just stating the facts.


Kind of sad… No, I didn’t get married and run away. Still single and worried I might be running out of time for kids (I LOVE them.) Yeah, yeah, yeah… Of course, it’s possible man can run out of  time, too. Well, lots vitamin E might save the day.


It’s been many years since I did anything fun. I don’t watch television. I don’t go to the movies and please don’t mention music to me. Well a year ago, I decided to have some fun. Although I still don’t do TV (too depressing) and movies, I’m now dancing like crazy for the last 6 months. Love it!  Yep, it’s kind of surprising for those who know me well.

No one would think Rene is now dancing Salsa. My brand new 3G iPhone comes in very handy. It’s also an iPod. Go ahead and blame it on my friend Woodring and Claudy. They planted the Salsa seed in my head. Say it… Middle age crisis. You’re probably right. Whatever it is, I’m having a helluv of time.

Yes! I am running like crazy as well. And there’s good reason for it. It’s been a year. I have already done 4 half marathons. I don’t know why they call it half. 13 miles to me feels like 26. Man, I feel so much pain after running 13 miles, it’s not even funny.

Every time I’m half way, I say to myself, “I’ll never, ever do it again.” Then, here I am preparing for possibly a 26 miles in Miami. I’ve done many 10 and 5K runs as well. The one I’m most proud of is the Susan G Komen race. Thousands show up to make a statement about finding a cure for breast cancer. I did that one for my aunt Olga in Canada. She’s a survivor… A tough one.

Why running? A year ago the doctor said my cholesterol level was very high. And you know what he was thinking, right? Pills! I said, “No thank you.” I much rather force myself to run and dance to melt away the fat around my arteries. 🙂 Please, please, please… do some kind of exercise to keep yourself in good shape.


Business is as good as it’s going to be during these difficult economic times. Everybody has been impacted by the recession–the big and little guys. However, it’s not the time to quit. Maybe it’s the time to rethink our lifestyles… Less shoes and smaller homes.

In my book, things are still very dandy for me. I’m having a ball speaking all over the country. Oh, by the way, you should join me in Trinidad. I’m delivering 2 keynotes at their stadium next month. Go here for more info:


That’s a big question. I have a lot in mind. Most of it is on the humanitarian side. As I always say, “I believe God took my out of the village to reach out to the village.”


I’m in the middle of launching an Internet Marketing company. The yellow pages book is a big dinosaur. People don’t open it anymore. Forget expensive mailing campaigns. One click and BAM… you start building a solid relationship with 20,000 clients and prospects. It costs you nothing or just a few pennies. A few strategic tweaks on your site, and laser targeted prospects begin to find you.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “he’s a motivational speaker. What makes him a technology and Internet guru? Since 1998, I have always been at the forefront of technology. I stay abreast and adapt fast with rapid changes.

I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search engine marketing) very well. How do you think I went from being a doorman carrying bags at a hotel with no connections and resources to an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker in just a few short years? (Oops! Sorry… that sounds like bragging.)

Here’s the answer: I used the Internet. That’s how I created credibility and got on meeting planner’s radar. So, whoever I choose  to run that company for me will know not to fool me. I know my stuff. Big companies and peers have been hounding me to help them. Time, time, time… I just don’t have enough of it. Does anyone know where I can buy some more time? Alright…

Aright, nuff said here.

Go ahead and get on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me and make me
your friend and I will do the same for you.
Facebook: http://profile.to/renegodefroy/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/renegodefroy

Take care,


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