How to Use Your Imagination To Manifest Anything You Want

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Use your imagination to change your life now.  You can literally unlock the vault of success with your imagination. Most of us have never been taught how to do so.

Last time, I shared with you why your willpower is not your real power. It’s not what causes you to take the RIGHT action to get the results you want. Now, don’t get me wrong.

You do need willpower. You have to be WILLING to change. But your real asset or your ally, is your imagination, NOT your willpower.

Today, I want to share with you some really cool ways to get anything you want. These are the secrets people have been using for thousands of years to manifest what they want.

You can use them as well. They are not reserved for a special group of people. For years, I have used those secrets to create stunning results in my life. Here they are:

use your imagination

1. Step Out Of Your Own Way

Listen, let’s be honest, I know you probably have already heard about the power of visualization or imagination. And you probably keep dismissing it as fluff. Maybe you are too intellectual or too smart to really apply it as you should.

You probably have the same attitude towards learning new information. As soon as you start reading a book, listening to a CD, watching a motivational video, you say to yourself, “I’ve heard this before.”

How do I know?

Well, many times I have to catch myself doing the same thing as well. When I started in the personal development field, I was like a starving person in a cafeteria. I ate and ate and ate.

Then I started to feel full. I started skimming the books. I was no longer taking the time to read and take notes. It wasn’t until four years ago I realized what I was doing. I had to have a conversation with myself about it.

That’s what I mean when I say get out of your way. Stop skimming. Take the time to truly learn and apply. Suspend your judgment and try something different. As they say, “Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.”

So, if what you’ve been doing is not working for you, try something else. Try using visualization. But try it relentlessly. Try it as if it’s brand new to you. Also, decide to put it into application as it should be used.

Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. He was the smartest person alive during his time. He used his imagination to give us some of the best breakthroughs in history.

That’s why I said not to be too smart to use your imagination to manifest anything you want.

2. Use Your Imagination to Step Into Your Future

Imagine waving a magic wand over you. Suddenly, you are transported 5 years from now. You wake up. You’re living your ideal life. Describe that day to yourself in writing. Write down all the details.

Let’s call it “A Day In My Life 5 Years From Now.” Now, I want you to truly imagine the scenario. Yes, use your imagination!

I bet your first tendency might be to write about your current reality. You might start writing about your fears, feelings of inadequacy, or past failures. No. You can’t write from there. I want you to write from a space of total freedom.

You are unstoppable. Nothing can prevent you from achieving that which you desire. You are totally unafraid. And you cannot fail. Be bold. Be fearless.

In order words, if on that day you want to have a brand-new Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls-Royce in front of your mansion waiting for you to drive away, don’t let the fact that your bank account is empty, and you are in debt to stop you from writing it down.

It’s time to make that dream real in you mind. Dare to live it now so that when you get there you are only reliving it.

You also want to write your ideal day five years from now in the present tense. Say something like, “Today is October 24, I wake up fully energized and passionate about life! I’m completely healthy. I’m debt free. I’m a multimillionaire. Be more specific.

You might want to say three, four, or five million dollars). I’m heading down to my private gym to work out with my personal trainer. My charitable foundation is feeding 10 million kids the world over, etc.” You get my point, right? Declare your future in details.

Success is personal. You and I don’t define it the same way. So, I’m not going to pretend my ideal day is going to look like yours.

Write down your own day in every area of your life – financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Make sure it excites you.

When I read mine, which is personal to me, I feel a sense of total happiness. It would sound unbelievable to you. But you know what? I believe it. It’s God’s will for me.

Listen, live your life by faith instead of sight. Don’t base your future from your current reality. Trust, believe and know for certain great things are about to happen in your life.

The best part is, you don’t need that much faith to use your imagination. Just give it a test and the results will speak for themselves.

3. Turn What You Wrote Into An Affirmation

Read aloud your ideal day first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Now, I do understand that sometimes, depending on your environment, you may not be able to read aloud. That’s okay. Read in silence.

However, if you can, I strongly suggest you read aloud. There’s power in listening to yourself telling yourself how amazing your future is going to be.

You may be saying, “For how long should I read it?” Well, for as long as it takes. When you pray, you don’t abandon your prayer because you don’t get the answer fast. No. You have to pray or affirm that which you want unceasingly until you get it. You have to meditate on it day and night.

You gotta stay with it. That’s the real secret. Meditate on it even when the debts are high, the bills are piling up on the table, you are in bankruptcy, and you just lost your job.

4. Surround Yourself With Stimulating Images

Start living the life you want. Make it real to you. Go and test drive that Mercedes-Benz at the dealer. Send $5 to a charitable cause to start your humanitarian effort.

And send a note along with it that says, “5 years from now when my dream comes true, I will add three, four or five zeros behind that five.”

Cut out pictures to create your wall of fame. Decorate your wall with pictures of the yacht, airplanes, cars, homes, exotic vacation spots, presidential Rolex, etc.

That’s a great way to activate your senses. The more you see it, feel it, and touch it, the faster it will come to you. This is not some kind of lecture I’m preaching on the mountaintop to the masses.

I’m a living witness this thing works. I have applied in my life too many times to count. As I said before, be obedient and try it for yourself.

I went from poverty and diseases in a tiny village in Haiti to now living my dream in the US. I also went from being a doorman at a hotel to being an inspirational speaker commanding up to 10K for one keynote.

I did all of that by forcing myself to use my imagination. My goal is to get you to use your imagination the same way to get what you want.

5. Share Tell People About It 

Resist the temptation to share your ideal day with too many people. Why do I say this? It’s because if they can’t imagine it, they’ll think it’s impossible. And they’ll try to shift your beliefs. They will rain on your parade.

Listen, it’s hard for you to really believe what I’m saying here works. You can’t afford to have other people create more doubts in your head. Got it?

Success starts from the inside out. You cannot imagine your life 5 years from now based on your current circumstances. Start convincing yourself it’s possible. Activate the Law of Abundance in your favor.

Now, reserve a full day on your calendar to put into application what you learned here. Stop telling yourself I will do it later. This is not about convenience.

It’s what needs to happen in order to create the life you life. Find a quiet place to write down your ideal day five years from now and make it exciting.

Remember this: Change is a gift and no condition is permanent. I want you to win. I can provide the roadmap for you. However, you have to bring faith. I can’t have faith for you.

You have to use your imagination in spite of your current situation. You have to take the first step to begin the journey. Press on!



    Valuable information and excellent guidence

      • steven

        do u let Jesus in your imaginations? Abram had called those things with his imaginations for example

      • COG Herrenson

        Thank u very much . I Believe it is God speaking to me and who guided me to read this.
        God gives u more grace and revelation to keep sharing.

        • Rene Godefroy

          It’s my pleasure. Let me know if you need more guidance. I am here to help. Keep pressing on!

  2. Cynthia

    Rene thanks alot for this peace
    the Lord will continue to strenghten you.

    • Rene Godefroy

      It’s my pleasure Cynthia. I receive the blessings.

  3. Lizelle

    Excellent! Thank you so much! Will put it to practice! Am so excited!
    Thanks for sharing the information!
    Smiles and positive energy to you!

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are welcome Lizelle! Report back when you finish that exercise.

  4. Elaine Smith

    I met you about 7-8 years ago in Miami during the book festival. I look at you now and I look at where I am. I am sitting with tears in my eyes over the fact that I haven’t progressed very much. I have received several emails from you over the years and never took the time to listen or read. Thank you for this video, over the years I have settled to the point of not knowing what I want, I just believe I was meant to be special and I want to attain my God given purpose before it is too late. If you have a mentoring program, please send me the details. Thanks again for your help.
    Elainne Smith

    • Rene Godefroy

      Elaine, you almost brought tears to my eyes. Many thanks for being candid and up front. There are times when we are too hard on ourselves. However, not know what you want is a problem.

      Yes, you were meant to be special. God created you special. Your circumstances don’t change the fact. It’s your beliefs and your fears that are in your way.

      As I mentioned in the video, sometimes we are too intellectual to truly listen. I get trapped into that mindset many times. But I know how to snap out of it. The things I’ve shared with you over the years are what I apply in my life.

      Take the time to write down exactly how you want your life to be 5 years from now. Maybe that will give you a clue as to what you want. I want you to start apply some basic fundamentals in your life. And this one of them.

  5. Norman Lacasse

    Your video is full of life changing informations
    Very powerful ! Many people need to hear and apply these principles .

    • Rene Godefroy

      Awesome Norman! Thanks for participating in the conversation.

  6. Sudhakar Potdar

    Dear Sir,
    I watch the video for 20 Mint. I do agree that imagination is working in the life however this is not working after certain age. I do not know whether you can agree for this this. Look my last 40 years working experience and success in work station is imagination and visualization. Now I am trying to imagine and visualizing, but it is not coming through. what may the reason. Is a problem
    who can I come out from this. Appreciate you views and guidance.
    Good day warm regards.
    SR Potdar

    • Rene Godefroy

      Sudhakar, there’s not such thing as after a certain age. You’re never too old to do anything except if you think so. You can set a goal as simple as losing 5 pounds and begin to imagine or visualize you being 5 pounds lighter.

      You have to exercise your faith in the small things until it grows stronger. In fact, it’s only way you can get anything you want in life. Do you see what I mean?

      Listen to this: It’s impossible to perform in a way that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself. Every result in your life right now is in direct relation with the way you see or imagine or visualize your life to be.

      You are creating your life every minute, hour, or day by the thoughts you think consistently.

  7. Gary Wilson

    Hi Rene,
    Can,t believe I am the first…Great! I think your video is terrrrrific! in content and also giving everyone the motivation to Keep on Keeping on.
    I live in the Uk and as a boy I had a hard upbringing on the rough tough streets of tyneside in Newcastle in North East UK but nothing like you.
    I bought your Audio book about 4 months ago and you bring Hope,Courage Desire and much more to the table. I wish you All The Very Best for your future.
    Regards from a Friend in the UK,
    Gary Wilson

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thanks Gary! Your story may be nothing like mine. But it’s still is some kind of therapy for millions. Find a way to inspire and motivate others with it.

      Even as an entrepreneur, you can use your story to promote your business. Every leader or company has a story they sell to the public to promote their products or services.

      It’s great to have a friend in UK. Thanks for participating in this conversation.

  8. Sharon

    I was very glad to receive this email about using your imagination.It was very encouraging and I do plan to follow through with the suggestions.


  9. rusty lynn potter(marathon runner from Louisiana)


    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Rusty,

      Yes, the marathon runner. I remember you my friend. Thanks for sharing this message with others. Have you finished with your book?

  10. Debora Stanton

    Thank you so much for that inspiring message which I truly needed to hear right here, right now to help jumpstart my destiny. Getting out of my own way has been a constant battle. My ideal day started with you and ends when I finish writing down all that you suggested, which I plan on reading daily to manifest my dreams. Thank you again, Debora

    • Pamela Simon

      Sorry…………….When will you be coming to Dallas, Texas?

      • Rene Godefroy

        Hi Pamela, I don’t have any plans for Dallas. When we get a booking there, we’ll let you know.

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are welcome Debora! Please take the time to design your future on paper. The ideal day in your life five years from now.

  11. Ravi Kapoor

    wow,feeling excited to do it.

  12. Ed Musanhu

    Well said buddie. I aggre with you. It is amazing what the power of imagination can do a person. If you can’t see apicture of what you want to achieve, it is very difficult to actually achieve it in reality. You have to birth it in your spirit first!!

  13. ogala wisdom

    Sir, i am very grateful for the video. At present i am in a state of confussion about my course of study in the tertiary institution. Please can u send me an article on that aspect.

  14. thulasizwe

    thank you very much with your words sir.

  15. Alphy VS

    Dear Reny,

    My sincere thanks to you for this highly inspirational talk. I was quite worried about my inadequacy in doing certain things related to my job. Of course you helped me to look those things with a different perspective.

  16. ravi

    thank you so much rene i have seen all your videos but this is something new and i can understand what you are telling and i understood very well

  17. Catherine

    Just a thought-
    I’d agree that it’s not a good idea to share what you’re trying to manifest with most people; but, if you chose carefully, you can find people that will support your manifestation, and talking with them about what’s underway actually helps make things manifest faster.
    I am blessed to have a husband and two good friends like this, and their belief is supporting me in making suprising things happen (one friend is especially helpful because she notices signs that I miss of how what’s happening in my life currently is part of what I’m trying to manifest)
    At that point, manifestation buddies can make your dreams come true faster 🙂

  18. mabellgibbs

    Rene, thanks for the e-book. I read it last night and had many questions. When I got to the exercise on page 16, I was stumped… couldn’t see a concrete picture. Also I wasn’t sure I know how to define my burning desire. I am a jackie of all trades and looks like master of none… and find myself stretching out behind a lot of things to use my talent. So I don’t know how to get to a starting point at this late time in life. This video presented some great points for me to discover the dreams for my life that I either have forgotten or never truly focused on and define. Need more help…
    I love what you are doing! And thank God for sending me your way. Your website is awesome.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Mabell,

      Great to hear from you. That is awesome! I highly encourage to focus on one thing. Do some soul searching. If there one thing and one thing ONLY you could absolutely choose and focus on, what would it be? You have the answer.

      Trying to do many things at once can be really distracting. I know in this tough economy one has to diversify. But, don’t spread yourself too wide. I believe the problem today is patience. We are living in a microwave world. People want it yesterday. You see, everything in life comes with a learning curve. The reality is, the curve is hard and difficult.

      I often say success is process. You cannot skip the process. You have to pay the price. And, it’s not cheap. You have to be a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there. Anyway…

      I am really proud of your for taking the time to do the exercises. That tells me you are strategic in your approach. I can already tell you are very close to striking gold as it relates to your success. You just need to focus. Stay with it even when you have to struggle at the beginning. Go for something that is worth fighting for. Commit wholehearted.

      Go at it as if your life and that of your family depended on it. Keep reminding yourself that you MUST succeed at it. Success is not easy. There’s no elevator to the top. To succeed you have to take the stairs. And, there are many, many steps.


      Hello my name is Rebecca and I was just reading over some comments and came across yours. The reason I am writing to you is because I felt the need to, because I felt like I was reading something I wrote. I will share something with you I read on the internet the other day, being creative is good and bad at the same time, because if you keep coming up with all these good ideas you can not focused on one to make it manisfest. So I would say pick one or two that you really want to work with and make that your main priority. Write the other down on paper and get to them later if you choose to. Being the Jack of all trade and Master of non is not a good place to be in I should know. I wish you luck in what ever direction you find yourself going.
      Drop me a line sometime. I would like to have a partner in crime sort to speak with people stating their own business and just need support or bounce ideas off each other.
      I think we all need encouragement from like minded people.


  19. Elvis Okon

    thanks so Much Sir I’am Just 15 bt I kw I have big dreams bt never thouht of using it this way.Thanks for the Inspiration God gave u and nw I’am young i will build my future and God’s love we’ll be my Foundation.

  20. Josie

    Hi Rene

    What a great video.
    For years I have been trying to find out what it is that I am not following though on the things I want to do. And, you have explained it now…the gorilla.
    My gorilla is sooo big. I think I will have to start off gently with him and progress all the way.

    Thanks heaps Rene


  21. binazir kamkar

    I agree with you.Thank you very much.

  22. bob

    i did not put that my friend did by accident i ment to say i think you are cool and you like god’s foundation

  23. bob

    My ideal life by bob mans
    Old man not telling me what to do with my life
    Old guy also has a hunch
    Old guy might have a feeling
    No i do not
    I do not know what
    Guy is single
    Old guy said”senegul jonje and tastetingle
    He said it is hard to chenj


    You are awesome. I love every word you had to say. I read all the time about imagination and visualization, but today after reading your post, a light bulb came on, so as I was reading your post I start writing my vision down for myself not for 5 years from now but for 1 year, and I tell you just writing down my dream, brought up those good feelings on it own, the more I wrote the better I felt and the picutures just came in to my inner mind, I was there and feeling good, so I will keep this thing going. Thanks

  25. Neha goyal

    Hi,I imagine my desirable scenes with open eyes with clarity,with senses vivid images with emotion and sometimes I cries after seeing my desirable scene because of emotions. I belives that it’s happening right my question is that repetition of that specific scene with open eyes manifest?

  26. ash

    I’m an atheist and normally have a hard time overlooking religious indoctrination but this was well-written and insightful so I appreciate what you’re doing. Growth mindset!


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