As usual I want to begin by saying it’s been a while. But I do remember what I did promise you the last time.

I promised to share with how you can get whatever you want when you ask for it. That’s a great tool to have at your disposal.

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As I mentioned to you the last time, I was in my village last December. A man came to me and asked me for some money. I don’t recall how much it was but I do know it was a ridiculous amount.

I say ridiculous because the man is not a family member. I don’t even know him. Apparently he is not from my village.

I said to him, “you must be kidding? Aren’t you?” He went on to tell me that he was serious. Then he proceeded to share with a whole list of problems.

He was on to something.

Once he noticed that he was not going to get what he asked for, he immediately lower his request by something like 75%.

That sounded very doable to me. Without a flinch, I gave him the money. He was happy.

Well, 15 minutes later, it downed on me that the man used a very powerful strategies I had learned years ago. I picked it up while I was devouring books at the public library.

Are you ready to learn what that strategy is? Great!

Here it is…

It’s the law of comparison or contrast if you will. The way it works is very simple. And you can start using it today.

When you want something, always ask for something much bigger. Let’s say you need to borrow $1,000 dollars from a friend. You might want to ask for $7,000 or more.

Once your friend flinches, you automatically drop your request to $1,000. You see, the mind must have options before it can compare and decide.

Supposed you want a raise? Instead of asking for what you want, ask for far more than you think you can get.

Then drop your request significantly. You’ll have a far better chance in getting what you want.

Simply put, always plant a big number in the person’s brain before you drop the lower number.

Make sense?

It’s like in business. You ask for a high price. Then you lower it on the spot to a price that’s ridiculously low. That’s called “the irresistible offer”.

Remember the television ad? Yeah, the price for today is $900. But if you act today, you can get this, that and the other for only $97.

When Ugly Isn’t That Ugly After All.

Well, maybe your car is average to you now or somewhat ugly. But if you take that same car and put it next to a very ugly and beat car, you might notice that your average car is suddenly very beautiful.

Have you ever heard the saying that you never know what you have until you lose it? It’s because you have to something to compare what you had with.

Alright, that’s all I wanted to share with about this. Also I told you about the Christmas dinner I had with 28 kids at an orphanage in Haiti.

To them it was the best Christmas they’ve ever had. They thanked me profusely for giving them so much for that Christmas.

But in reality, I should be the one thanking them. They made that Christmas the best ever for me.

They sang, danced and performed for me. They hugged me and made me feel so appreciative.

So, I want to share with you one of the songs they sang that brought tears to my eyes.

Enjoy it!

Here’s the Video of The Kids In Haiti. Push The Play Button