The Law of Comparison or Contrast

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As usual, I want to begin by saying it’s been a while. But I do remember what I promised you the last time.

I promised to share with you how you can get whatever you want when you ask for it. That’s a great tool to have at your disposal.

As I mentioned to you the last time, I was in my village last December. A man came to me and asked me for some money. I don’t recall how much it was, but I do know it was a ridiculous amount.

I say ridiculous because the man is not a family member. I don’t even know him. Apparently he is not from my village.

I said to him, “you must be kidding? “Aren’t you?” He went on to tell me that he was serious. Then he proceeded to share with a whole list of problems.

He was on to something.

Once he noticed that he was not going to get what he asked for, he immediately lower his request by something like 75%.

That sounded very doable to me. Without a flinch, I gave him the money. He was happy.

Well, 15 minutes later, it downed on me that the man used a very powerful strategy I had learned years ago. I picked it up while I was devouring books at the public library.

Are you ready to learn what that strategy is? Great!

Here it is…

It’s the law of comparison or contrast if you will. The way it works is very simple. And you can start using it today.

When you want something, always ask for something much bigger. Let’s say you need to borrow $1,000 dollars from a friend. You might want to ask for $7,000 or more.

Once your friend flinches, you automatically drop your request to $1,000. You see, the mind must have options before it can compare and decide.

Let’s say you want a raise. Instead of asking for what you want, ask for far more than you think you can get.

Then drop your request significantly. You’ll have a far better chance of getting what you want.

Simply put, always plant a big number in the person’s brain before you drop the lower number.

Make sense?

It’s like in business. You ask for a high price. Then you lower it on the spot to a price that’s ridiculously low. That’s called “the irresistible offer”.

Remember the television ad? Yeah, the price for today is $900. But if you act today, you can get this, that and the other for only $97.

When Ugly Isn’t That Ugly After All.

Well, maybe your car is average to you now or somewhat ugly. But if you take that same car and put it next to a very ugly and beat car, you might notice that your average car is suddenly very beautiful.

Have you ever heard the saying that you never know what you have until you lose it? It’s because you have to compare what you have with something.

Alright, that’s all I wanted to share about this. Also, I told you about the Christmas dinner I had with 28 kids at an orphanage in Haiti.

To them, it was the best Christmas they’ve ever had. They thanked me profusely for giving them so much for that Christmas.

But in reality, I should be the one thanking them. They made that Christmas the best ever for me.

They sang, danced and performed for me. They hugged me and made me feel so appreciative.

So, I want to share with you one of the songs they sang that brought tears to my eyes.

Enjoy it!


  1. Beth Darnell


    I replied to your email today; however, you mention that if I wanted you to personally read something I should blog. So I hope this get’s to you.

    I can’t listen to the song right now, but I will later. I have been to Nicaragua and Honduras several times and I know how meaningful every moment is.

    Just wanted you to know that you have been the best inspirational influence in my life to date. I actually followed some of your suggestions on the “kick your excuses goodbye” DVD’s and they have worked.

    My company paid for two memberships in associations and a school which is not even in my field, but I wanted the “resume listings”.

    My next venture will be to ask for a raise, we’ll see…. I have even thought of being a speaker myself because I have overcome alot in my life (not as much as you- but alot). Talk to you soon!


    Beth Darnell

    • omata

      Thanks so much for ur motivation all this days, it has really been a source of motivation to me. Pls try and be sending this motivation message frequently.

  2. Lynda Ottey


    I really love the video the children are all so beautiful and the songs were great my favorite was the third song right before the very last and yes you look absolutely great and a little camera shy I might add.

    I plan to save this email for as long as I can and share with my daughter Ashley my son Aaron and the rest of the boys inside the home I work with are not ready and what I mean by that is they may say something to piss me off whether it be silly or nonsense.

    When I watch the video and I have done this before comparing the children of Haiti, different parts of Africa whenever I see documentary on our race I start to think what is wrong with the children in the US who have everything within reach and no desire to be more then a tough guy but this time I said maybe it’s me I need to be more motivational.

    Yet I become angry and frustrated when I’m face with lack of desire to point that I can’t take it from anyone.

    Every chance I get I will go over the entire video which include your speeches; as always it’s a true pleasure hearing from you, you are probably the only adult male that I know that has me smiling each every time I hear from you and yes I will start saving from now for that trip to Haiti.

    I love you, God bless you and certainly keep up the good work.

  3. melissa

    Thank you very much for all the emails really enjoying all the motivation and positive engergy

    Regards Melissa

  4. Grace Fleming

    Dear Rene,

    I was very impressed with the kids of the orphanage in Haiti.

    What almost brought tears in my eyes was the gratitude that they had not only for gesture but to God, many of us forget the great blessings that we receive daily.

    We take the fact that we woke up today in good health as something normal and even that we deserve it. But we

  5. Chris Stevenson

    Hello Rene,

    God has and will continue to Bless you and your loves ones FOREVER! You are truly a man of God, a man with a HUGE! Heart. We need more positive people like you, this world needs more and more of people like YOU to hold it together!

    I always dreamed of being the President of Haiti; so many things I would like to do for the people. Haiti has so much loving and talented people who never get their song out to the world.

    You have made a HUGE difference for those children, you have given them hope, faith and most important unconditionial LOVE. I have tears in my eyes as well.

    My Mom is from Haiti and I have been in Haiti when I was 5 years old and when I was 13 years old, I am now 38. Haiti was a lot different when I was there, it was not good, however is has gotten only worse.

    We still have family in Haiti and my Mother has visited often over the years and she also has a HUGE heart for her homeland. You know my Mom from emails and blogs, her name is Lylia Stevenson, her maden name is Petion.

    We always keep Haiti in our Prayers and soon I plan on going to Haiti to help make a difference as well. My cousin Eric Murray was in Haiti recently for missionary work, he may even still be there, I really should keep in touch with him as well.

    Thank you again for your Heart, you talent and hard work. God Bless you in Jesus Holy Name!


    Chris and Lily Stevenson


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