Yes, I know times are tough for most. The conversations are dismal out there. People are giving up on their dreams. They are walking away from something they spent countless hours building. The unemployment line is getting longer and longer. No one really knows when things will get back to normal.

The politicians are telling us stories that are contradictory depending on what party they belong to. Some say the recession is over. Others say we still have a long way go. To me, they are using words to play on people’s emotions. That explains why I don’t watch television. I don’t want to worry about things I can’t control.

I created this video to inspire you to keep pressing on. The reality is, there are many people out there who are doing extremely well. I see crowded restaurants and malls often when I travel. I really don’t know that means. I just know some people are not struggling.

Now, I say this to let you know no matter how tough your current situation may be, there’s hope. Keep hanging in there. You may think you are struggling. But your definition of struggle may be completely wrong.

How about you are experiencing a breakdown for your  breakthrough. Have you ever thought about it this way? Go ahead and start watching the video now to discover how to stop struggling.