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This is probably the last conversation that I will have with you because it’s December and the year is about to end.

Well, I have a powerful secret that can make this New Year far more productive for you than the last 5 years. This one tip that I will share with you will help you accomplish things faster.

It’s actually one word!

And you’ll be amazed at how effective that word can boost your productivity. Trust me, I’ve been using that one word and, I’ve seen major results in my life.

But first, I have a question for you.

Did you set new goals for this year? Did you sit down in December, October, or any time and write a list of goals that you wanted to accomplish?

Well, if you did, congratulations! The very fact that you sat down and wrote some goals moved you to the top 3% of the population. That’s right, only 3% of us write down goals. Let’s me say to you that are part of a distinguished group… the elite.

If you didn’t take the time to write down your goals perhaps it has something to do with your fears. And there are several reasons for those fears.

One of them is a fear of failure. You think about a particular goal you want to accomplish and you begin to feel a sense of inadequacy.

Somehow, you think you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. The reality is no one wants to walk around feeling like a failure, right?

Another reason is because you might think it’s too cliché. It’s kind of like hearing something so many times and the mind blocks it out. Another reason people don’t set goals is simply because they are procrastinators.

If that’s you, then you are one of those some-day-I-will types of people. Or you are one of those with a big but blocking the way.
You say, “I want to increase my income, but…” or “I want to strengthen my relationships, but…” or “I want to pay off my debt but…” “I want to save more money this year, but…”. We all use this language every now and then.

Just get your but out of the way!

Write down 25 goals you want to accomplish this New Year. If you feel like writing more, go for it. However, you must set smart goals.

I am sure you’ve heard of this acronym before. SMART stands for:

Specific: You must know exactly what it is that you want. It’s not enough to pray for something abstractly. You’ve got to describe exactly what it is that you are praying for. Describe it in specific details. The more you can describe it, the faster you can accomplish it.

Measurable: It is said that what can be measured can be improved. It should be measurable in a way that you know where you are on the journey and what you can do to improve.

Achievable: You may have to stretch a bit to reach your goal. But it’s achievable or attainable.

If you are out of work and heavily in debt right now, don’t set a goal to be a millionaire by the end of the year. Focusing on such long range and potentially impractical aims can misguide you and steal your enthusiasm.

It’s great to dream the impossible dream but set realistic goals to achieve the dream.

Rewarding: Make sure it’s something that’s fulfilling and rewarding. Like Steven Covey says in his book, lean the ladder on the right building before you start climbing. Don’t do it because you want to compete with your peers. Do it because you want it.

Timely: Set a time frame. The reason why you want to set a date is to avoid procrastination. When there’s no set date, the mind will steer toward procrastination. Say to yourself, “In three months, or by October 31st…”

Write down 25 goals.

You might say to yourself, “But Rene, I’ve got so many challenges with my job and financial situation. There’s no way I can start writing goals.” That would be another “but”. Get it out of the way!

And now I present the word to you.

It’s the key to peak productivity. It’s the key to getting things done. Drum roll please….. The word is MUST.

We hear the following phrases all the time.

“I might”, “I need to”, or “maybe I will” “Someday I will.”

Surely you’ve heard someone say, “well next year I may go back to school. Or I may start learning a new skill to get a raise. I may start saving some money, a part time job, a new business, losing some weight, etc.

But these are weak words. They put us in a position of defeat before starting. It’s as if you’re giving yourself permission to fail. Instead, say the word “must”.

“I must get a part time job. I must lose 20 pounds by next July. I must start saving 30 dollars a week starting right now. I must change my diet. I must go to church more.”

You see the subconscious mind is dumb. It obeys whatever command you give it. The more precise and firm the command the faster it goes to work for you.

So before you go to bed, say to yourself; “Tomorrow, I must make five phone calls for my business; I must work on this marketing material; I must run 2 miles; I must read something positive and educational for one hour first thing in the morning.”

You get my gist, right?

Alright, then I must say goodbye. I must write down my 25 goals this Friday at 11:00 AM sharp.

I wish you a very successful New Year!

And remember, never give up!

Keep pressing on!

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