Never Give Up! Yes, You Can! And You Will

To all of you my fans who often write to me with a spirit of discouragement. I know sometimes it’s hard and you may want to give up. Life doesn’t seem to be fair. But I want you to know there’s order in chaos.

Your tough times are part of the process. Unfortunately you can’t skip the process. No process, no success. It’s impossible to go through life without difficulties.

It’s just like seeds. They must go through the process. You can’t put some seeds in the ground and expect them to grow overnight. No. The seeds must suffer and die a slow death in order to have a new life.

You know what? I’m not going to pretend that you have to be merry and everything will be just fine. But I’m saying to you to take the blows with courage and a sense of determination. Cry if you must. But don’t give up. Don’t walk away.

Your breakthrough can only come with breakdowns. I recorded this special recording just for you to help you bounce back and live the life you were meant to live.

Please make time and turn off your phone and email alert to listen. I look forward to reading your feedback here.