Never Give Up

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Never Give Up! Yes, You Can! And You Will

To all of you my fans who often write to me with a spirit of discouragement. I know sometimes it’s hard and you may want to give up. Life doesn’t seem to be fair. But I want you to know there’s order in chaos.

Your tough times are part of the process. Unfortunately you can’t skip the process. No process, no success. It’s impossible to go through life without difficulties.

It’s just like seeds. They must go through the process. You can’t put some seeds in the ground and expect them to grow overnight. No. The seeds must suffer and die a slow death in order to have a new life.

You know what? I’m not going to pretend that you have to be merry and everything will be just fine. But I’m saying to you to take the blows with courage and a sense of determination. Cry if you must. But don’t give up. Don’t walk away.

Your breakthrough can only come with breakdowns. I recorded this special recording just for you to help you bounce back and live the life you were meant to live.

Please make time and turn off your phone and email alert to listen. I look forward to reading your feedback here.


  1. Tony

    Hi Rene ,

    Thank you very much indeed for your email and the information within , I am ineed grateful.

    Best regards

    Tony Bunsie

  2. Vida Tampogre

    Rene, thanks so much for that messege. It is encouraging me to know that all it not over yet. There is more to achieve in life, since you made it then it is posilbe that me too can make. But Rene whenever I try to do something with all my heart and strenght it ends up in vein. Sometimes I fell like giving and accepting the situation to be my meanwhile life does not start tomorrow either does it end today.

    • Rene Godefroy


      I understand. But I don’t believe your efforts end up in vein. In most cases I can assure you either that you give up too soon or you didn’t have the right information or knowledge before you act. I am not saying you have to wait forever before you take action. I am saying start and keep learning new and better ways to try.

      When I started speaking I was not good at all. I used to be really nervous. Basically, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I kept learning and trying new ways. I read lots of books, I paid for coaching, I attended conferences and seminars. I was determined. Just don’t give up!

      Winners are people that never quit. Losers are people that quit. Keep pressing on even when there are no signs it’s working out. Eventually you will begin to see results.

  3. Lynda Ottey

    Although I grew up feeling unlove, molestation, always being picked on by other girls for a beauty I at the time never saw when looking in the mirror. I manage to overcome a lot of obstacles. After hearing your story I felt connected as well as motivated. ever time I hear from you I feel lifted like I can accomplish anything I am taking it one day at a time and this time showing patiences and keeping still while I listen to you and other like you who do work through the christ of Jesus. I will listen to your message everytime satan tries to enter my mind and my world I write this as tears come to my eyes listening to you. Thank you for everything!!

  4. Don

    Thank you for this talk, Rene’. The quitter never wins and the winner never quits…but sometimes it is good to get a little lift along the way. Your encouragement is appreciated. I have linked to this post from my blogs at and I trust that you approve, if not just let me know and I will remove the links. Wishing you continued success.

  5. anuja

    it was vry helpful………..thank you thnx a lot

  6. Allada Anil Kumar

    I am anil kumar from India,I accendentially encountered your site and i immediately registered there .It is nice to receive mails from good persons like you and your group.Please continue it.

    I always believe in the proverb ” Charity is not a solution for poverty”.Only way to remove poverty is to empower them or to motivate them.It is really nice to see you in the role of helping others.Trying to empower the people with your highly charged words,speeches irrespective of religion,country,race etc.It is nice.Please keep it up.

  7. John

    Outstanding encouragement and inspiration and I thank you for it. I live in Montgomery AL which is not too far from Atlanta and I would like to come and see you next time you have an event taking place. I find myself talking about you all the time and telling people your story. You keep my dream alive.

  8. Samantha Demantle

    my name is Samantha, and I

  9. Brandon

    Very inspiring.

  10. Juanita

    Hi Rene:

    Thank you for your encouraging message. Thank you and god bless you. I will keep pressing on as I am trying my best to help change the world one day at a time, one child at a time. My dream is to become a well known inspirational speaker. I just want to help.

  11. Christopher

    thank you so much for such an encouraging words as we youth of today need so much. I wake up every morning with the knowledge that everything is possible. And that I can take my life to the next level.

  12. Subhnendu

    Mind blowing!!
    Worth sharing with people around the globe..
    I have shared with everyone within my connection in facebook and linkedin.

    God bless

  13. Ganesh

    Hi Rene this is ganesh here i don’t feel that thanks would be enough for the job you done.I can only say that its an excellent and outstanding advice.And i personally feel that this would must help everyone specially those who feels to quite.

  14. Josphat Kibet Langat

    thanks a lot for the support you have given me. i am really motivated each and every day may God bless you as you shape my life to leave in a successful life thanks thanks.

  15. Puleng

    Hi Rene

    I was very much inspired by your story, its really motivating. I want to see myself one day motivating people about positive life. My problem now is i can’t speak english fluently and also not confident enough to speak in front of other people.I want to build up my confidence and improve my english. I will never give up. I’m also looking forward to buy your books.


    South Africa

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Puleng,

      The magic is not in how much of the language you speak. It’s in how much you can connect with others at their core. And that comes from really understanding your audience. You have to know their challenges, aspirations, and desires. Of course you need to be able to speak clear enough in order to be understood.

      Hey, I’m still having some difficulty pronouncing some English words. When I came to the US, I did not speak any English. I have to learn one word at a time.

      Having said all of that, you can start where you are right now. Inspire those that are in your surroundings to hope for the best. Write articles, record an audio, or even write a book. Start small and grow. Don’t try to eat the elephant in want bite. If you do, you’ll starve.

      Okay, let’s talk about confidence. Let me tell you this, I was a REALLY shy guy. I know it’s hard to believe given the fact that I speak in front thousands now. But it’s true. I got over my shyness or fear by confronting it.

      It’s just like learning to ride a bicycle. You stay with it. You fall. You get up and try again. So, speak to your fear instead about your fear. Tell it to leave your space. Tell it you’re ready zap it away. You were not born with your fears. Some things happened along the way. Do what you afraid of over and over and soon, the fear is gone.

      I hope that helps. Press on!


      • Puleng

        Thank you very much for your support, i’ll do my best and keep on pressing may god bless you.

  16. Elisha Kazonde

    Very encouraging indeed

  17. annah

    Dear Rene,thank you for a very inspiring 15 minutes talk first thing this morning. What a way to start a day!i see lght at the end of this son worked very hard and managed to be accepted at university(college)to study civil engineering despite the hardship- daddy not working and there is no money to pay his tuition.he is aware that the situation is tough for me but he is appreciating every little effort that we do for him. i will continue pressing on like your mom did. she is a role model and a true legend.i am taking care of 20 young people in South Africa from informal settlement and will share your words with them. i promise to keep encouraging them to live beyond their situation at present.Thank you a million times.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Annah,

      I’m very proud of your son. Here’s bound to accomplish great things. Obviously, you’ve done a great job instilling in him the right attitude to continue to persevere in spite of the obstacles.

      Of course, kudos to your mom for being such a legend. Thanks for sharing my words with your young people. They already have star quality. Just bring it out of them.

  18. annah

    thank you

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are welcome Annah. Glad you like the recording.

  19. michelle

    WOW what an impact wow, thanks so much for you have inspired me to be at my best today.I live in Barbados and although I am going through a crisis I still find time to inspire those I come into contact with. please keep me inspired with your messages, I would also like to know more about becoming a motivational speaker. BLESS YOU MY FRIEND I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE YOU.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Michelle,

      That’s is excellent. Yes, always be in good spirit. At the end of the day, only you can change your state of mind. Also, it’s awesome you are inspiring others. That tells me you don’t keep the focus on you. It’s amazing how when you help others you automatically help yourself. The best way to become a motivational speaker is start being one. It’s that simple. Say it, believe it and act on it. Of course, there’s more to it. You can go to my blog on for tips and strategies.

  20. Michelle

    Very powerful message..keep up the good work..

  21. Jai

    Hey Rene, awesome message once again, thanks a lot for your support… I look forward to your excellent mentorship and I assure you that I will never ever give up…

    God Bless

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Jai,

      Yes! You have special gifts and talents in you! Getting to the top is hard. Some people will tell you that it’s easy. Don’t believe it or you will be disappointed and give up. Life will slap you a few times. But don’t you EVER give up. That is why there are so few at the top. If it was easy, everyone would be there. Glad you enjoyed the message.

  22. Miriam

    Hello Rene,
    This is great message. I do not intend to give up, i will not give up. Thank you for the encouragement because sometimes we need to hear a message like this.
    God Bless!

  23. Hannah

    Very much needed to hear that powerfull message!!!

  24. Tanya E Partin Lawton

    Hi Rene! I am so excited to be writing you a message because all of the the pricipals that you have shared with me have worked. I will keep listening to the hope that you give to all Speakers who don’t know what to do with their voice like I didn’t until meeting with you online. Thanks again, with so much grattitude.

    Tanya E. Partin Lawt,
    Christian Women’s Speaker,
    Author and writer of ‘Found in a Garbabge Can’
    Geration X to Genertion Next: The End of The Godless Age
    Coming out before end of year


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