Alright, as you can tell, I am on a mission about this goal setting thing.

This is for your benefit and mine as well. We both need it.

I want to trigger something in your brain to energize you to get into the habit of writing and achieving goals.

Here’s the deal: On my last post or episode, if you are listening to this, I encouraged you to write down 25 goals that you want to accomplish in the New Year.

Many of you got stuck and experienced what is called “writer’s block”.

Now, if that’s you, let me help jump start your imagination.

I created a list of possible goals for you. Of course, we each have different priorities. Nevertheless, my list will help steer you in the right direction.

I know that’s what it did for me. But remember this…

Make sure you write down something you really want. Don’t be like the kid who cries for toys at the toys store and don’t even bother to look at them at home.

Basically, before you pray for something, make sure you want it in the first place.

Alright, here’s the list:

1. Buy yourself a new home
2. Remodel your existing home
3. Get rid of clutter around your house or office
4. Buy your parents a home
5. Remodeling your parents home
6. Spending more time bonding with your parents
7. Forgive your parents for they did or what they didn’t do.
8. Buying yourself, your kid, or parent a new car
9. Asking your boss for a raise
10. Take 3 trips to Europe, the Caribbean or Africa this New Year
11. Spend more time with your kids so that you don’t regret not doing it later
12. Be more involved with my kids education
13. Spend more time with your grand parents
14. Organizing your office
15. Delegate more often and focus on what you are really good at.
16. Get out of the way and allow others to do their work.
17. Learn to stop controlling others.
18. Mastering the art of prospecting, presenting and following to boost your sales
19. Get rid of your toxic friends
20. Fall in love with your ideal soul mate
21. Say I love you to your significant others more often
22. Complain less and be more grateful
23. Read one hour every day about how to get better in your field.
24. Attend 2 seminars to improve your skills and add more value to your work.
25. Become a better listener… God gives us 2 ears and 1 mouth so that we can listen more
26. Be a better communicator
27. Join Toastmasters International to learn to improve your speaking skills
28. Become more computer literate… Learn that new software at work
29. Take a writing class and practice your writing skills.
30. Write your first or second book this New Year
31. Finish the book you started a while back
32. Make the sacrifice and start my business
33. Spend more time communicating with your spouse to make your marriage work
34. Give up some bad habits like smoking, or drinking
35. Reconnect with my maker and go to church more often
36. Meditate for 15 minutes every day
37. Stop procrastination and become a do-it-now-type of person
38. Become a better time manager and stop hanging out with time wasters
39. Force yourself to write and achieve goals
40. Be more punctual… Show when you say you are going to show up
41. Finish what I started and never finish
42. Stop being too selfish and be more considerate of other people’s feelings
43. Be more diplomatic and tactic when dealing with others and stop being mean
44. Change your eating habits, workout daily to get back in shape
45. Volunteer my time to serve in some capacity in the association you belong to
46. Reconnect and stay in touch more often with my friends and past clients.
47. Forgive everyone and release your grudges for good

My friend, be a person of resolve. Do what you say you are going to do.

I started in tiny and impoverished village in Haiti struggling with diseases. I arrived in America with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants and no ability to speak English.

I had no resources and connections in this country. I had to start from scratch. I was a janitor mopping the floor of the food court at 163rd mall in Miami.

I launched my speaking career while I was a doorman carrying bags at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Today, I am traveling this country dining with top level executives, staying in posh hotels and driving in the back of limousines. That feels great especially because I don’t pay for any of those. The meeting planner takes care of all that.

This is not to brag. It’s to make the point. I am often asked about my secret to success. I can boil it down in one word. Resolve. I am not a quitter.

Oh, yes, I had many challenges in my career but I stayed with it.

That’s the kind of attitude I wish for you this new year.

Press on!