I’m serious! This year I’d like to see more people embrace this concept of sowing and reaping. It’s the best way to ensure we have our best year ever! Intensify your effort when it comes to planting seeds. Do more than you did last year and you’ll have more than you had last year.

What this video and you’ll see what I mean. Let’s not complicate this. Let’s not over analyze or dismiss it. Keep it simple. Put it into application. It works… For me and countless others.

[youtube width=”530″ height=”325″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIey2sNIyRA[/youtube]

I’m not talking anything complicated here. Very basic. Very simple. Here are a few mind jugglers for you about planting more seeds:

  1. Make more calls.
  2. Attend more networking events.
  3. Send out more letters to clients.
  4. Read more books.
  5. Write down more goals.
  6. Work more hours.
  7. Take more trainings.
  8. Take more risks. (That’s a big one.)
  9. Let more people know what you and how they can help you.
  10. Pray more often.
  11. Give more compliments.
  12. Create more products.
  13. Write more.

Now, you have to practice what I call smart planting or productive planting. Don’t go out there and do a bunch of things without some kind of planning. Make sure you plant the right kinds of seeds. I remember when my grandfather was getting ready to plant his seeds in the village in Haiti. He had many rituals.

He knew if he were going to have a big harvest he had to plant lots of seeds.  He’d thoroughly plan for it. He would spend days plowing and preparing the ground for seeding. He would uproot all the weeds. He would pay close attention to the moon. He would separate the weak seeds from the strong ones. He left nothing to chance.

When it comes to sowing and reaping and preparing the ground for your success, you should plan and execute well. But don’t spend eternity planning either. The formula is: Ready, set, go, go, go, go, and go. Yes, no time to lick the wounds; no time to cry about miss opportunities. No to time to complain about how bad things were last year. Just keep planting. When times are tough, plant more seeds!