Alright, is your financial situation so tight that you can’t afford to invest in learning how to get unstuck?

For many years I didn’t have the money either. I had to use my credit cards, take a second loan on my house just to attend seminars. Today, people think I am somewhat lucky. They just don’t know the sacrifice I had to make.

If you are serious about your dream, whatever it is, you need to bite the bullet and take some risk. Invest time and money in your future. Yes, I am talking about money you don’t have. I did it. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do, others already have a system you can use and apply. You just have to be willing to buy the system. You know what? They, too, at one time had to buy somebody’s system.

Check this out. The reason I am keynoting the Sales Mastery conference for 3,000 people in November 07 in Palm Desert is because I borrowed money to attend a $12,000 weekend seminar in High Point, North Carolina. I know. It’s crazy! But it was there, I connected with a powerful lady who introduced me to the event’s promoter. Besides, I learned some powerful business strategies that catapulted my speaking business.

Do you see my point? Every week, I get lots of requests from people who want me to mentor them for free. Some of them try to play the guilt trip on me. They ask me to give back. That’s all well and good. But in my experience, people don’t value anything that’s free. Even if they listen to the free advice, they very rarely, if at all, apply it. Besides, my understanding of giving back has a lot more depth than merely giving my time to someone who is not willing to pay the price of success.

So, I know you may not be interested in attending the Mega Speaking Event to learn how to get paid as a motivational speaker nor the Sales Mastery. But, whatever you want to accomplish in your life, you still need to invest in your future.

I would rather be in debt because I heavily invest wisely in my education then being in debt because I spend my money foolishly. There are so many small businesses that are struggling out there simply because they don’t know the answers to their problems. Yet, they will not invest in attending a marketing seminar.

Every day, I drive by shopping centers and notice so many vacancies. I bet you those people who had to close their doors for business lost a lot of money. It’s all because they didn’t know how to properly market and position their business. Simply put, a little investment in acquiring the right knowledge to run their business would earn them beaucoup dinero!

There are also those who are waiting for the company to pay for their training. “If they don’t want to pay for me to attend, I won’t go.” Nonsense. My advice to your is to first try to get them to pay. If they refuse to sponsor you, find a way. After all, it’s your education… Not theirs!

Just think about it,

Press on!

Rene Godefroy