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I know. I know. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I think the last time we touched base was about a month ago. I do get lots of email from some of you asking me if I have been hiding. Hiding? No.

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I’m just out there seeking my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and making a difference at the same time. I really love the making-a-difference part.

Talking about instant gratification! You get off stage, people in your audiences start telling you what they will do differently to change their current situation. You know what? Many times it’s not because of something I said. It’s because of something I didn’t say.

It’s because of something that makes them think of the solutions to their problems on their own. That’s why I believe we each can be a catalyst for change. Of course, my speeches always, in some ways, communicate to the reader that if I can do it, you can, too. And, it’s usually after they hear how I fought, battled and overcame poverty and sickness in tiny Haitian village.

Basically, I tell them enough excuses or trying to get your all ducks I a row. The situation is never going to get as right as you want it to be. I say to them. Just start now and perfect as you go.

How much more information do we need before we muster the courage to start? How much more information do we need before we can step into the light and go for the promotion; start the business; and do the things we are afraid of?

The answer is NONE.

Yes, you need solid and useful information to help get there faster. But you can acquire the information as you go. Does that make any sense to you? Yes?

Speaking of information…

Why is it that we are drawing in a sea of information yet we continue to starve for more? Why it is that we are so confused? If so much information is available to use for free, why then do we continue to beat a path to the guru’s door?

There are several reasons.

You see, the mind is silly. We love free stuff but yet inherently we know free is not good. In fact most people judge quality based on whether what they are getting is free, cheap or expensive.

Here’s what often happens to us: Since we can get so much information for free, we quickly dismiss it as useless. Another reason is the information we are getting often has no emotion to it. Or, shall I say no stickiness to it? There’s not enough creative adaptation to it. It’s not well organized. And it isn’t in a format that fires up our inspiration engine.

Basically, it isn’t so much about the message; it’s about the messenger. And this is a whole topic in and of itself. The sad commentary about all of this is too much of useless, dull and uninspired information distracts us from focusing on really what matters. A good example is the email addiction. I know something about. Hey, I struggle with it, too.

Alright, on with something inspirational…

As you might recall, last December I told you I was going to Haiti to have Christmas dinner with 28 poor kids at an orphanage. Did I tell about that dinner already? Maybe not. My first stop was in a city called Cayes. There I visited an orphanage for three days in a row. Then I headed to my beloved village.

Since I didn’t have the time to set up two dinners back to back, I decided to share some dinero money with my fellow villagers.

By the way, I have a very powerful technique I want to share with you next time. It’s a persuasion technique to help you get what you ask for every time. A fellow villager tried it on me as if I didn’t know what he was doing. Though, I kind of forgot about it until he laid it on me.

I’ll make a note to share it with you next time. It’s a psychological trigger. Hint: it’s about the Law of comparison.

Anyway, It was the best Christmas ever for me! I had the time of my life with those kids. They sang, danced and ate. It was something else!

Some of the songs even brought tears to my eyes. Well, you know I was fighting back those tears and hiding the fact that I was crying. Why? Well, the celebration was too joyful for that. The kids called me papi (meaning daddy). I really didn’t know I had that many kids until then.

A television station came and shot some great video footage for me. I’ll share some with you later particularly the song that made me cry. It’s in Creole.

I’ll translate it for you. Although it may not mean much to you if you didn’t grow up the way I did. But for now click on the link to see of the pictures I took with the kids while I was there. Press on my friend! Click here to see the photos Village Christmas Diner

let's start the conversation Let’s Start the Conversation. I want to know your feedback =>Click Here