How Deal With Change In The Workplace

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How To Deal With Change In The Workplace

I spoke for Verizon Wireless last week. At the time of this writing, they are the largest 3G network and the most reliable one.

They are totally customer centered. Dropped and incomplete calls are unacceptable to them. And yes, they really know how to deal with change in the workplace. Their executive team members truly know how to turn crisis and challenges into opportunities. That is why they are the best!

The title of my keynote for that particular group was “Change Is A Gift!”. Let me tell you in a nutshell what the message of the keynote was all about.

How To Deal With Change In The Workplace

As you are reading this article, I want you to know that you have what it takes to win, eliminate stresses, and face your fear of uncertainty in times of difficult change. It is already inside of you. You just need to tap into what’s already there. Make sense? Whether it’s how dealing with change in the workplace or in your personal life, I believe you can make change work for you. It’s nothing but a mindset.

You see, if you look at change as a gift, you will tend to embrace it instead of resisting it. Let’s face it, you don’t curse a gift, do you? I bet you open both hands and receive it. When you receive a gift, you have a cheerful attitude.

It’s the same for change. The moment you see it as a gift, you open both arms to receive it with a cheerful attitude. Again, it’s just a mindset. The way you are feeling about change has nothing to do with change itself.

The reality is, change is not something the company or life is doing to you. Outside forces beyond their control force them to initiate change. Don’t take it personally. The world and everything around us is changing. We, too, must change!

Here’s how to thrive in times of change while others continue to moan and complain:

Change your questions.

Yes, the moment your change the questions you are asking yourself, you change your entire life or attitude. It’s that simple. And it can happen in an instant. I am actually handing you the most powerful ways as it relates to how to deal with change in the workplace.

Your questions can set you free and wipe out all your stresses. Notice the conversation that is going on inside your head about your situation and notice the kinds of questions you are asking yourself.

The moment you change your questions, your answers and solutions change automatically. Instead of saying, “This is crazy! Why does the company keep cutting budget. There’s no way I can do all that they want me to do with so little.” You can say,  “How can I use my current budget and available resources to boost my results?”

Instead of saying, “Why did I marry such a loser?”,  say instead, “How can I understand this person better and improve my communication so that we can be on the same page?”

In fact, that’s my assignment for you. Starting right now, change all the questions you’re asking yourself. Replace them with more powerful and motivational questions. Just try it and notice the difference in your behavior and attitude. I bet you the moment you start asking the right questions, the workplace will become more fun for you. You’ll stop fighting and resisting change in the workplace.

If you are looking for some complicated ways for how to deal with change in the workplace, I don’t have them. I like to keep it simple and stupid (KISS). The right solution for how to deal with change in the workplace and your personal life is to CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS! The wrong questions will put you in a depressive state. Powerful, uplifting, and solution-oriented questions will pick you up.

I would love to hear your feedback on how to deal with change in the workplace. Type a comment below or ask me a question.


  1. Chad Raney

    Love this Rene. Keep inspiring others!

  2. Ruby Clifton

    Change is a way of life. Everything in this world changes with time. You should not resist the change, but welcome it. You should consider it to be a challenge or a new opportunity thrown in to you.

    • Rene Godefroy

      You are absolutely right Ruby. More people need to really embrace that kind of attitude. Change is an opportunity for growth. It’s our wake up call to do something innovative and new.


    i decaire my self to be a motivational speacker

    i need the guidance to achived it

    need some good structure.

    jacques bazin


    as i was reading your coment , that gave me the courage and the motivation to decaire my self a good motivator , if i sound arogant for give me it is the bouster that you gave me , that inspired me to be

  5. raina

    I think it is a really good idea and lemme try that.


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