What I want to share with you here has a lot to do with your friends. Please keep reading!

If you live in a home, I’m certain you have an idea what the houses are going for in your neighborhood. Depending on how long you have been living in your home, you might even know how much your house has appreciated over the years.

Although sometimes, depending on the location or the economy, your house may depreciate. If that’s the case, you need to move. Find yourself a better neighborhood.

I am sure you have heard that your network determines your net worth? Now, my question to you is how is your net worth? Okay, le’s get back to the real estate concept.

How do you think appraisers come up with the value of a home? Most likely they research your area to find out what prices houses have been selling for. Based on their findings, they put a price tag on yours.

Of course, there are other factors to it. The condition of your home is one of them. But I guarantee you that what other houses around the block are selling for have a huge factor. Basically, the value of your home is directly related to the value of the homes within the area.

Consider your friends. Just like your home, your value is directly related to the value of your friends. So, if you have a bunch of friends who are struggling and making low income, it will have a direct reflection on your personal value. It’s all about your network!

Like the old adage says, “Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell who you are.” Well, in this case, it’s “I’ll tell you what you have.” Take a moment to let this sink in. You may agree or disagree. But it’s really true! There’s a good reason why birds of a feather flock together.

The rule of thumb is to always surround yourself with people who will help increase your net worth–your value. Does that make sense? It should.

Let’s see, take a good inventory of your friends. How productive are they? Do they have a great monthly income? Do they spend their money foolishly? Do they invest in personal development? Do they talk about negative and petty things? Do they have mentors? Do they have a solid plan for the future? Are they focused and committed?

I can go on and on with those questions. But my point is very simple. Do not surround yourself with people who will depreciate your value. Make a mental note of this: You become who you hang with.

The reality is, even your language will change depending on the friends you spend time with. Personally, I start using certain words in my conversations based on who I spend my days with. You might think that you are not easily influenced. But no man or woman is exempt from falling under the influence of another.

Listen, I don’t know you. Well, maybe I do. But whether I do or not, your entire life and situation at the moment is a direct reflection of the people whom you surround yourself with. Period. If you want more or a better life, eliminate your present cabinet. Act as if there’s a new president in office.

I really do hope that I’m making sense to you. Many years ago, I had some friends who were up to no good. At the time, I didn’t know it. I’m sure you might not be aware of it either. But, over time, as I began to change my mindset and have better focus on exactly where I want to be in the future, my network automatically began to shift.

That’s amazing! Some of the people who were my friends slowly began to evaporate from my life. And you know what? It wasn’t my doing. I didn’t wake up one day and say, “Go away!” No. Somehow, we just lost touch. Even when we meet, the conversation is always short. Why? Again, it’s not intentional. We simply don’t have too much in common anymore.

That’s not to say because I have achieved some level of success, I’m dumping my friends. Of course not. Many of the people I knew long ago are still friends. But you can bet they, too, are moving upward. They are progressing just like I am. Everything on this earth is either contracting or expanding. I want to expand! Don’t you?

By the way, I do try very hard to bring friends with me where I’m heading. But many refuse. And I find no need to drag myself down with them while trying to save them. I hope you feel the same way, too.

My advice to you is to never let friends drag you down and depreciate your value. Lovingly zap them out of your life. Simply put, love them, be there if they need you, but guard your mind diligently so that they don’t depreciate your value.

Finally, if the quality of your life is not appreciating, it’s depreciating. Maybe your neighborhood is going down. I am talking about your friends and environment. Then you need to move! Find yourself a better and more valuable neighborhood.

To your success,