Many years ago when I was in my twenties, I used to walk around with 4 different business cards. I was so confused. I would go to a networking event and someone would say, “What do you do?” Then I would roll my eyes and start thinking what card I am going to hand out.

Yes, I know it may sound humorous to you. But it’s downright stupid! No one respected me. In fact, people would often walk away from me fast. I mean fast! I think at the time I was insane. Fortunately, I was able to diagnose my problem.

I realized that I had to do something about trying to be all things to all people. I took immediate actions to fix the problem. I can honestly tell you if I didn’t come to that kind of awareness, I would be still struggling to get by. By the way, I was a doorman at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia when I decided to focus.

What about you? If I ask you what you do for a living, what would your answer be? Will you roll your eyes and give me some vague and meaningless answer? Do you still believe you can do this, that, and the other? How many jobs have you changed lately? How many businesses have you thought about starting lately?

Stop the insanity! Okay, it’s true if you keep trying different things eventually you will find what you want to do. But how old are you? How many years will you keep trying different things? Is your clock ticking rapidly and you are not settling for the one thing? Recognize that your indecisiveness is stealing precious moments.

You Are neither Superman nor Superwoman!

Listen, I know you are good at many things. There’s no doubt given the right circumstances, you might even be able to walk on water. That’s how talented you may be. But remember this: The jack of all trades NEVER prosper! This is great advice. When I turned twenty eight, I vowed to be known for one thing only. And I did just that.

Have you ever wondered why the guy you talk to so often is still struggling to get by? It’s exactly because he’s too talented. He goes around impressing people with his skills. Yet, he never focuses his energy and efforts on being the go-to-person for one thing only.

Truth be told, the next best and attractive opportunity to make more money will always come along. But it doesn’t have to mean it’s for you. Money is a means to an end. It’s not the end. You can be very successful and wealthy in any line of work even if it doesn’t look like there’s money to be made.

I have a friend who is a nurse. She chose that path because the money is good. But in my opinion, I think if my friend doesn’t walk away from the nursing field, she’ll die from stress. Now I am not saying all nurses are unhappy. But my friend definitely doesn’t have a love for it.

In my case, I am very good at a lot of things. You’d be surprise to know that I am very good at graphic design, internet marketing, copy writing, web design and cutting hair. In fact, my millionaire mentor Ken Doble really thinks I should start an internet marketing firm.

Now, do you think because I am good at these things I should pursue them all. No! My calling in life is to touch millions the world over and impact their lives in a positive way. I absolutely love keynoting conferences. There’s something magical about standing on the platform and communicating with the audience. I own every stage.

For years, I have devoted every waking hour to my speaking business. Oh, did I mention that I learned the other stuff out of necessity. Yes, when I started in the speaking business, it was such a struggle financially that I forced myself to learn many other skills so that I didn’t have to pay others to do them for me.

There you have it my friend. I am begging, urging, imploring and praying that you see the value of sticking with one thing and become a master at it. The world will respect and shower you with money as a result. The people in the medical field who are really making boatloads of money are those who are known for one thing–the specialist.

Again, do not let money be the deciding factor for you. There’s always a more profitable venture on the horizon. Find a way to make what you love profitable for you and go for it.

To your success,