If you’ve been watching television, particular CNN, Issue #1 is the economy. It’s everywhere. People are talking about it everywhere.

Not only is it in the media, you go to the coffee shops, they are talking about it. They are talking about it in the living room, in the dining room, in the break room at work. If you go to the grocery store, they are making some comments about the economy!

Now, I’m not an economist. There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the economy. But my question is, where is the money? Yeah, whatever happened to the money? Ok, do you remember the commercial for Wendy’s? Where’s the beef? Where’s the money?

I know they didn’t pile up all the money and set it on fire. The money didn’t vanish. A few companies went under, but they still had billions of dollars of assets and some cash.

What happened to the cash? What happened to the assets?

The earth didn’t open up and the assets went under. I know that didn’t happen. Ok, some of you lost some of your money. If you were fortunate enough you had a portfolio and your money was in mutual funds. Chances are you lost what about 25-30% of your money, correct.

Or if your money was in the stock market you probably lost 50% of your money. Maybe you lost everything depending on where your money was invested in the stock markets.

Why is it that people are not spending money?

Let’s face it, let’s look at it this way. Your job, if you are working somewhere, is still paying you your check. Okay, depending on what company you are working with, maybe you don’t have a job. But for the most part, at least the people I talk to, they have a job.

They get a paycheck every week. If your money was in the bank, lets say you had $5000 in the bank, it didn’t go anywhere, and you didn’t lose anything from that money.

Why is it people are not spending that money?

Why are they still getting a paycheck, but not buying more? What’s going on in the economy? Let me tell you, I think it is FEAR! Fear is the reason why all of this is going on.

Most people are paralyzed–emotionally and mentally. They are in a state of inertia. To them, things are still. Now I can understand a state of inertia when it comes to our money. But…

A state of inertia when it comes to our dreams? I don’t understand it. I really don’t. I know this is a time to put your money on hold. But, you should not put your dreams or goals on hold.

Ok, if you own a small business, I know you are hurting. As a small business myself, I sympathize with you. You see, we are always the first ones to feel the pinch of a bad economy. We feel the impact first.

However, I want to say this to you. The problem is not in our small businesses. The problem is not in the economy. The problem is head.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

You see, the things outside of us are effects. The cause is our mind. The state of you business, your car, home, bank account and all are all effects. Our mind produces those effects. If we want to change what we have, we have to change the thoughts we entertains.

I was talking to a coaching client on the phone. She has a business on the Internet. We spoke for about 70 minutes. Maritza never mentioned the economy once during the conversation.

She kept talking about how well her business is doing and how much money she is making. She didn’t say anything about the economy. You know why? It’s because she is not focusing on it. Her mind is too busy thinking the thoughts that create better results.

Simply put, she’s too busy following her plans, strategies, dreams, and goals.
My friend, you don’t have to participate in a bad economy. It’s a choice that you make.

I’m not saying everything is rosy. I understand what’s going on. However, there are a bunch of people who are going to be millionaires as a result of this crisis. How do I know that?

Well, during the great depression, when things were so horrible, many became very wealthy in the midst it. They made a lot of money. Why?
It’s because they didn’t put their dreams, goals, and aspirations on hold. They were not focusing on the depression. They were focusing on the new opportunities. Yes, new opportunities are surfacing right now. But we won’t see them if we are too busy thinking about how bad things are.

Those new opportunities don’t look like the old ones. We need to change our thinking in order to see them. We have to change our perspective—our mental filters.

A few weeks ago we had a gas shortage in Atlanta. People lined up in line for hours trying to get to the gas station to buy gasoline. A gallon of gasoline was $4.49 and people gladly paid that much. There’s no groaning or moaning.

Contrast that to a few years ago when we were paying around 97 cent or $1.05 for a gallon of gasoline. Then the prices were rising to up $2. People started complaining and moaning about it. They were really angry.

Okay, our gas shortage was over. And we didn’t have to stand in line nor pay over $4 for a gallon. The price went down to about $2.99. Do you think people were mad about it? No! They were celebrating!

You see my point. It’s a mindset. I predict whatever you are experiencing right now, will one day become the new normal. Listen, I don’t think I’m old enough to know about the great depression. But, I know about depression.

When I was a young boy in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, I lived in a little shack—a dungeon—with my mother, my sister and my brother. I slept on the floor with rats and roaches.

I went through the day chewing on sugar cane just to survive. You see, I really know how to survive without much.

Here’s your assignment or your homework. Make a list of all the things you have going for you—your possessions and other intangibles. I’m talking about your home, bank account, and your lifestyle.

Think about how many time you go out to eat dinner, lunch, and breakfast. I mean, list everything including going to the movies.

I want you to look at that list and ask yourself what’s on your list that you absolutely can do without. You’ll discover fast that there are lots of things you might be afraid to lose that are unnecessary.

The thing is no condition is permanent, right. That’s my motto. This economy is not going to stay the way it is, it’s going to rebound. My question is, when the economy rebound, will you be ready to bounce back with it?

Listen, even if the economy got worst, you’ll still be okay. We are not talking about death or sickness. You will survive.

Finally, let me say this to you. Yes, you can do more with less. You just need to adjust your attitude—your expectations.

Remember this, “No Condition is Permanent.”

Press on!