Do What You Really Love!

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Work! Work!

Tomorrow I am flying to Monroe, Louisiana to keynote a conference for 500 university students.

I usually get to speak for corporate clients. But once in a while, I get to share my message with students. It’s always a treat for me.

Anyway, I started saying work, work, work. I want to make a point here. Since I left my last job, I never work. You see, I absolutely love what I do. To me, it’s not work.

The key to success is do to what you really, really love. When that’s the case, you will bear the difficult moments with grace.

You may not make a lot of money to start with. But you will find strong reasons to persevere.

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  1. Lylia Stevenson

    Dearest hero of our planet,

    I have had so many Nancies in my life ;I cannot count them .Even at birth they wanted me to exit early.Yeah ! I have a tough skin and never let them destroy my dreams ;they cannot come too close because I can smell them a mile away.Ha! Ha!

    I am sure that I will have a few encounters this week ;I have met them by the highways and byways.They are like spiders ; they spin webs around unsuspecting and innocent preys.

    I am glad that you didn’t react ;I have learned to keep my cool around such poisonous spiders but this one is lucky that she didnt do it in my presence .

    These demi demons reek of jealousy and they eventually are sad and lonely folks who have very low self esteem anyway.I pity such people but the buck stop here; I dont tolerate them.

    Recently I met such a person ;he came all the way from Florida to visit my team just to wag his venomous tongue and tried for an hour to put us down in front of a few people who came to hear us and learn how to improve their lives as entrepreneurs.

    Yesterday I had another one at my yahoo site ;he tried to mar my business page and called me a Nigerian con artist.I had a large group of folks who were e-mailing me and chatting with me and he could not handle my success.I would not let him rain on my parade.

    I told him to stop harassing me and he was gone because I remembered that my best friend was a FBI agent and I told my foe to beware of my friend who could find something not too Kosher about him and his reputation.The dude ran and I never saw him again.LOL

    You see I am as old as Methuselah ; just a female version of this ancestor.I never let the Nancy Pansies of this world near me for long; I strike back with a passion.

    I can imagine this person near my mom or child and I see red.You are a cool person and I admire your reaction and composure ;this fiend would have met my wrath instantly.I would have shown her the exit door instantly.Wow !

    I don’t have your wisdom when it comes to things like that .You’re the master of diplomacy .God forgive me ;you’re a saint but not I….

    Lylia Petion Stevenson

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