Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything going for them yet they are still struggling to get by? I mean, they are so smart, good looking, and outgoing yet they just can seem to succeed.

Why is that?

It’s because those people are lacking one of the most important ingredients for success. It’s almost like having everything necessary ready to cook your favorite recipe and have no fire.

That ingredient is the ability to get along well with people–To be nice. You see, everything that you and I will ever have in our possession belongs to someone else. I mean your car, house, clothes and money were somebody’s belonging before you had them.

Basically, to get what you want, you are going to learn to be nice to other people. If you work for someone that signs your paycheck or has the power to promote or demote you, you’ve got to be nice to that person. In fact, you should be nice to everyone you work with.

It’s absurd to keep biting the hands that are feeding you. I never forgot the gentleman who wanted to know how to become a motivational speaker. He was so rude. As a result, he got absolutely no information from me.

Let me be clear here. I’m not talking about sucking up. I’m rather talking about using certain psychological triggers to get another human being to like you and give you what you want.

A few example of psychological triggers are to lavishly shower others with praises and compliments or be a great listener; giving little gifts to others.

Yes, there are other key ingredients to success such as discipline, focus, and integrity. But the one that stands above all of them is your ability to make friends.

My assignment to you is to ask yourself this question: “How am I being perceived by other people? Am I a nice person?”

Please don’t give me the I-can’t-please-everybody stuff. I know that. No matter how nice you are, some people still won’t like you. But, come on… You know what I mean here.

It’s not hard to realize maybe you need to change your tone and be considerate to other people’s feelings. In fact, why don’t you start asking others for feedback?

Find out if you are coming across as bossy, demanding, inconsiderate, or pushy. Alright, some people will not tell you the truth because they are themselves nice people who don’t want to hurt your feeling. But some will definitely let you know the truth.

Listen, I’m not suggesting you are not nice to others. Perhaps you are a really nice person. If so, this is not for you. However, every now and then we all need some good reminders.

So, if you are a nice person, this is just to remind you how nice you are.

Keep being nice!