Advice to Potential Speakers

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My advice to you is…

1- Go with a topic you are really passionate about. Let it come
our of your heart. Passion. Passion. If there’s something
that makes you mad; if you see injustice; If you just hope
some people would do a certain thing to get a certain
result, maybe you might want to explore that avenue.

Do your friends or family members call you all the time
for advice? Well, that’s a hint.

2- Anytime you get an opportunity to speak, do it.
Don’t focus about getting paid starting out.
If you are good and you are changing lives,
the money will definitely follow. You want the platform hours
as fast as you can.

3- Write a book to position you as an expert
in your field. Write it quick! Again, the book will
not make you money at first. But it’s worth every
ounce of effort you put into it. It will open many
doors for you.



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