How To Psychologically Disarm Those Who Try to Make Your Life Miserable

What I am about to share with you can totally change your


life. And no, it is not sucking up. It is a secret weapon that is your greatest source of power. Use it to your advantage. Let me explain.
Isn’t it annoying when you can’t get along with your boss, colleagues, or subordinates? Would you agree with me that spending 8 hours with an annoying person is not fun? That is very stressful. Isn’t it?

Years ago when I didn’t know better, I would advise you to quit that job and find another one. But you will probably meet another person just like that person wherever you go.
You might say, “I don’t like to suck up. I want to be my own boss.” Well, losers call it sucking up but winners call it making friends. Besides, if you are planning to be your own boss one day, be ready to suck up to your customers. That's called customer service.

You see what I mean? As the owner of your business, you better be prepared to go out your way to please the customer. And that’s the only way to be successful in business.
Having said that, I want you to know that the people who tend to get on your last nerve sometimes suffer from attention deprivation—low self-esteem.

What I mean by that is although they may appear as if they are confident and in control on the outside, they are probably feeling very small on the inside. And therefore in order to feel better, they have to flex their egotistical muscles.
Wouldn’t it be exciting if you knew how to control, dominate, and reduce them to their lowest denominator? That, my friend, would give you an unfair advantage. Do you agree with me? Are you excited to learn how to take charge and be in control?
Here Are 4 Powerful And Proven
Ways to do so:

1) Acknowledge the person
…and the personality. Years ago, I worked for a jerk that used to push everyone around - everyone except me. Why? I found a way to undermine his bullying. I would subliminally slip words into our conversations that would imply he was in charge. The best part is, he didn’t know what I was doing.

Doesn’t it thrill you to know you can control any situation by feeding someone’s ego?  Just by making my former “boss” think he was superior, I could easily pull his strings like a puppet. I could see a complete transformation in his behavior towards me. I literally controlled him and his actions. And I would laugh on the inside every time. Do you think you could try this?
2) Ask for their advice.
When you ask for someone’s advice, he or she automatically feels a sense of worthiness. All you have to say is, “I need your advice on…Or what do you think of…" Do you really need their advice? Not really. But ask for it anyway. It will make them feel valued. And it will cause them to let their guard down and in turn have a better attitude. Power!
3) Make him or her feel important. Remember that you may be dealing with a person that has a huge ego. Every now and then you have to stroke that ego. Imagine that the person is walking around with a tattoo on his or her forehead that says, “make me feel important today.”

In most cases a sincere compliment can do the job. But some others may require a little stroking. By the way, everyone in this world craves one thing…the need to feel important. Some of us just go about it in different ways. By your making this person feel important, you have conquered the ego. Power!

4) Get the person to talk about him or herself. This should not be a hard one. The world is full of talkers. I am one of them. But good listeners are too few and far between. And you know what? There are many wounded souls out there. They need someone to give them the gift of listening.

I remember attending a social gathering where I consciously decided to listen. One lady commented that I was a very good conversationalist. And guest what? She did all the talking. I was just a sounding board. When you give others the opportunity to get things off their chest and/or their weary mind, they feel indebted to you. Power!
There you have it my friend. People around you might say that you are sucking up. But if you use what I have just shared with you wisely, you will rise to a position of power and fame in no time. You will have better relationships; you will be much happier. And those who criticize you will simply continue to live frustrating lives at


the mercy of others.

Have fun!

Rene Godefroy is the award-winning author of No Condition is Permanent, a motivational keynote speaker and business consultant who shares ideas and strategies that helps individuals achieve extraordinary results in theirs lives. For more information, click on this link: Motivational Speaker

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