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"This book will nourish your mind and nurture your heart! It is inspiring and substantive."
--Nido Qubein, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co

“Rene’s story will touch your soul and positively change your life. Read it, absorb it, use it’s wisdom and share it with three friends that you want to enrich in every good way.”
-- Mark Victor Hansen
, Co-creator, #1 New York Times Best-selling series Chicken Soup For The Soul

“No Condition Is Permanent! will empower you to break through the self-imposed ceiling of life. This ‘no excuse is acceptable’ book will change your life forever!”
-- Les Brown, Best-selling author of Live Your Dreams

"What condition would you like to put behind you? What treshold would you like to pass? READ RENE'S BOOK--Do it now!"
--W Mitchell
Best-selling author of It's Not What Happens To You; It's What's You Do About It

"No Condition is Permanent! is a super fantastic book! It will compel you to take immediate action and start living your dreams."
--Keith Harrell
Best-selling author of Attitude Is Everything

"No Condition Is Permanent! will ignite your internal fire and boost your self-confidence to go for your dreams." --Daniel Burrus, Best-selling author of Technotrends

“The first time I heard Rene my heart kept pounding to the rhythm of YES! YES! This young man has an amazing story to tell and unlimited talent to do so. What a gift!”
-- Rosita Perez, President,
Creative Living programs, Inc.





They Laughed When This Doorman Said
He Wanted To Become a Motivational Speaker. Now He’s The One Laughing
All The Way To The Bank

This book will show you exactly how to prove
the doubters around you they are dead wrong.

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From: Rene Godefroy
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated that you are not where you would like to be professionally and personally? Is there something you really want but don't know how go about getting it?

Would you like to know how attract everything you want in your life? Would you like to create a compelling future that can bring incalculable rewards to your life and those around you?

Let's face it, unless you are happy with your present position and the progress you have made in life, you really need to do something...anything to change the direction you are heading in now.

If you agree with me, this could be the most eye-opening letter you will ever read. But first, let me get this out of the way.

I have no intention on boring you with a touchy-feely-almost-true-motivational-inspirational story. You can buy one of those at the bookstore. The one you are about to read is an honest-to-goodness genuine inspirational story. It's been called "incredible" by many. Except me. I believe every word of it! Why? It’s MY story!

And trust me, I have a goal in mind. My aim is to permanently tattoo this mantra into your brain, if I can become a top business keynote Motivational Speaker In America, you can become whatever you want. Period. This book is meant to jolt and zap you into doing what you have been thinking about for far too long. I am imploring you to kick all your excuses goodbye and go for it.

You see, I have seen occasional tears while sharing my story from the platform. But truth be told, that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I would much prefer if everyone would celebrate my triumphs with me instead. It's a testimony that God is awesome! With that in mind, let's get to it. Click here to order

The fortunetellers were dead wrong!

That's right. They predicted that I would not survive to live as a normal human being. Their predictions were off the mark. Thank God, my destiny was not up to them! They said I would either die early or live to be crippled. But yet, I baffled all of them. Not only I made it, I went on to become a top business keynote motivational speaker in America.

I was born in a small, isolated and impoverished village in Haiti. I was just like the starving kid you saw on your television. I was completely deprived by what many take for granted in life. No electricity. No plumbing. I didn't even own a toothbrush or a spoon. I used my index finger to brush my teeth and my hands to eat.

My father vanished as soon as he found out my mother was pregnant. Nine months after my birth, my mother left me in the village with a neighbor. Mother went to live in Port-au-Prince...the capital. No, it wasn't because she didn't care. She simply went to search for a better way of life - a way to end what could have been a lifetime of misery for me.

Parasites were eating me alive!

As soon as my mother took off, several life-threatening diseases began to pound the life out of me. It was as if they were lurking in the dark waiting for mother to leave.

Parasites were eating me alive. My stomach was constantly bloated with worms. Those tiny creatures existed by sucking the life out of me. Believe me, there’s more to the story. It was a lot worse. But I am trying my best not to be too graphic.

Great grandma Stephane, God bless her soul, made me drink her awful-tasting home remedy mixture of kerosene gas and water. She told me it would help kill the parasites inside my stomach. It did help, but not much. You might say to yourself, "that was terrible." Not really. Wait until you hear this…

Yes, I was sick, I was hungry and deprived. But none of that really weakened my will to survive. What made my life so much more unbearable was the fact many in the village teased me about my skinny arms, legs, and my swollen tummy. My Mount Everest was putting up with people constantly reminding me that I had a slim chance of making it.

At seven, I finally left the village to join my family. Mother could not believe my health had deteriorated so much. I quickly discovered that she was also struggling. She lived in a single, tiny room infested with rats and roaches.

At night, together with my sister and brother, I slept on some ragged sheets on the floor. The rats and the roaches used to run back and forth over us.

You know, in life we can either become intoxicated by the possibilities or by the excuses. Simply put, your life will become the possibilities you vividly imagine and take action on. Or your excuses will reduce you to a lazy whiner blaming this or that. Click here to order

Even my family members are stunned…

Recently, I gave the most important speech of my life. No, it wasn't because I got a big check. In fact, there was no check at all. I spoke at a small Haitian church in Connecticut. And the audience was made up of family members and other natives of my village.

Many knew me when I was struggling in the village. As I shared my account, you could not even hear a pin drop. They were just as amazed as everyone else. Some were from neighboring villages; they did not realize the intensity of my plight. But here's the shocker...

To this day, every time I take my mother to a speaking engagement, all the emotion comes rushing back and tears come gushing from her eyes. Maman knows the truth. When my sister read my book. She, too, cried.

Right after my cousin Ketty read my book, she called me immediately with a slight crack in her voice. She apologized for all the times that she kidded me by calling me souyan. She had heard others saying it. But she never knew called me that to let know I would be a cripple.

Want to know how I make it to America And Went On To Become a Business Keynote Motivational Speaker in America?

Well, an event happened and that led me to believe there was a possibility to escape poverty. I eventually left Haiti with a Haitian theatre company. We flew to Montreal, Canada. I performed a few times. Then I escaped.

If you knew how I entered this country, you would be amazed. Well, let me give you a hint. I didn't fly. And the trip was was excruciatingly painful. You can find out the details in No Condition Is Permanent.

My friend, I know you have a tiny pilot light inside of you waiting to burst into flames. But it will not just happen. You need some friction. And that's what this book will do for you.

You know, I could boast about people like some of the big names that have read and endorsed this book. But does that really mean anything to you--that a celebrity read my book? It shouldn't.

But Greg Crews is a guy just like you and me. He read the book three times and started his company right after. Last time I talked to Greg, he was still on fire. Then there was this guy calling me from Boston with tears in his eyes to thank me for changing his life.

Here is a sample of what else you will discover:

How to discover your passion and create a
compelling future.
How to attract people with the right combination of skills that can
help you realize your dreams.
Why a mentor can fastforward your career. And a clever way to
get a topnotch person to mentor you.
A remarkable formula to get you unstuck from a dead-end life or job.
How to identify and avoid jealous people that can choke your dreams.
How to rocket propel your professional life with the right affiliation at top.
How to tactfully knock the wind out of a negative person and brush
aside detractors.
Why you must have a board of corporation even if you don't have a
business yet. This one is a must.
The simplest and most effective way to get rid of the demon
called stress. This strategy really works.

This is not your typical book

There are thousands of books on success. But most of them lack one element: Soul. They are loaded with theories and written by people who have never been in the trenches before. Many of those authors are intellectual folks who can’t write a sentence or two without using big words and confusing rhetoric.

Please understand this: I am not making a blanket statement. There are some awesome books out there. I have read many of them and yes, they changed my life!

But I don’t like to read with the book in one hand, and a dictionary in the other. I did that when I was learning English. And I hated it. That is why my book is in conversational, plain and simple English. Maybe you don’t have a problem with big words. I do.

Many people who have never read a book before, as well as those who are well read, write to let me know that once they picked up No Condition Is Permanent! they could NOT put it down. They rave about how the book impacted and changed their lives. That fires me up!

That was the purpose of my writing No Condition Is Permanent! Like the roosters in my village, I wanted to wake people up. Too many unfulfilled dreams find their way to the cemetery. I guess that's why I survived the tough times. I was supposed to make a difference.

In Their Own Words…

I am not saying that my book will change your life, although it might. But no matter where you are in your life right now, there’s something in the book for you. But don’t take my word for it.

Here is what people like you are saying:

"Reading No Condition is Permanent! has motivated me to start a new career at age 46. I've come to embrace change and truly feel that I am 5 minutes away from success."
– Joe McAllister, Copywriter

This is the best book ever. There is a magic between the covers of this book. If you are depressed because of the way life is treating you. Buy "NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT" by Rene Godefroy and throw away your depression pills. After reading this book if the fire is not burning within you, read it again. Great Job!
A reader from valley stream, NY

“Sometime during my physical therapy sessions I picked up your book (again) and found so much of your success strategies to work, not only for long term success, but to get me through the short term struggles to reach my ultimate goal of walking again.” --Peg Connell

 You can read more testimonies by going to
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How much you ask?

Companies pay up to $5,000 to boost their employee morale using the same materials in this book. I could probably create a home study course with this book and sell it for $300. But I would be leaving out those who need it the most.

So I decided to spill my guts and give you a step-by-step approach on how I became a success in America. For only $20, you'll have access to tap into my brain. And you'll discover how I took myself from a broke and illegal immigrant to living the American Dream. Now my question to you is this: How many $20 bills have you spent in the last 10 years? Then what was the return on your money?

In my opinion, the return on the $20 you will invest in this book is incalculable. In fact, once you realize the value you will get, you probably would want to invest in multiple copies for your friends or family.

“Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

Your success in using the powerful secrets that are in this book is unconditionally guaranteed. Here’s my 100% iron-clad, bullet-proof, no-hassle, money-back guarantee:

My Personal 100% No-Hassle Guarantee

There is absolutely no way you can lose—except by not taking advantage of owning No Condition Is Permanent! now. I personally guarantee that you’ve never read anything like it.

I personally guarantee that if you order No Condition Is Permanent, today, and read it, you can’t help but make a decision to change course toward a more meaningful and successful life.

I’ll give you a one-year period to try my book for yourself. That’s right...365-day guarantee!! So if you feel, for any reason, that my book has not inspired you to step out and start doing what you’ve been thinking about... then e-mail me and I’ll send you an immediate and no-hassle refund. And it doesn't matter if the pages are torn or dog-eared.

And the Free gift will be yours to keep for at least reading No Condition Is Permanent.

You and I both know that if you’ve read this far into the letter, you’re seriously interested in improving your personal and professional life. All what’s left to do now is to take action. Click here to order


P.S. Order No Condition Is Permanent! for $20 plus $5 shipping and handling by this week, and I will personally autograph your copy. Plus I wiil email you a FREE copy of the book that changed my life. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try something different to change your life and make your dreams come true. Click here to order

P.P.S. Again, if after 365 days you don’t feel that this is the best $20 you have ever invested, return the book. I will give you your money back. And it doesn't matter if the pages are torn or dog-eared. Plus you'll get to keep the FREE gift--the book that changed my life.


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